OOTD – Lace Top, Color Blocked


Hey! Girls,

Lace shorts and tops are quite in this season and are perfect for summer. I incorporated this outfit to create a bit of color blocking. Generally, to create color blocking, the ideal pattern is not using more than three dominant colors in the outfit. It is better to avoid too many bright colors in one outfit as it may lead to creating a clownish outfit.



Black Lace Top Color Blocked Outfit+womens fashions


Since the top was sheer, I decided to wear a camisole inside, lace showing just on top neck and sleeves. Black with Red is an old yet classic combination and thus I paired the two.


Black Lace Top OOTD+women fashion clothing


Though I wanted to wear a sling bag but that just does not enough to store all of my stuff so I carried a turquoise color bag which in spite of my solid shade outfit, popped it out instantly and made it bright.


Lace Top Color Blocked OOTD+women fashion clothes


My sunglasses compliment my hair color. 😀 And since I was going to explore and walk around the Dubai Mall, I decided to wear comfy padded heels flip flops.

Ever since, I made my first trip outside India – which was to the US, I was so fascinated with how much we have to explore around the globe. I make sure I travel at least one new country and one new place in India every year. Traveling excites me; it’s more like a resolution for me now. Do you have any such promises that you did to yourself and abide by it? 🙂


Lace Top Color Blocked Wear+women fashions


Outfit breakdown:

  • Top & Bag – GK
  • Pants – Zara
  • Sunglasses – Ray Ban
  • Flip Flops – Kins


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  1. You look hot and i love how you paired up everything…Who doesn’t wants to travel..but its the work which doen’t let us do that.

  2. wow bhavana! outfit looks great! i have travelled extesively and still love doing so.. i did one indian and one international destination in a week.. original plan was leh and malaysia.. but had to be cancelled due to extreme situations in both the place.. so we did agra and bangkok pattaya… my all time fav place is singapore!cant have enough of it

    • Oh! I went to Agra past week too, was TOO hot. 😀 It was my 3rd time. I have also been to Thailand, such a fun place, isn’t it !! 😛 Since you say its your fav., I wanna go to Singapore too, never been there.

        • Oops!Just checked I went there on 3rd, not past week, lol! 😀 Wasn’t it hot there? :O Did you notice The Taj Mahal has gone so Pale now. :/

  3. Lovely outfit Bhawana. Both my fav colors and the best part they go so well with each other.
    Talk about travelling , both, my hubby and me would rather earn only to travel round the globe 🙂 We do one or max two country at a time, once a year. Indian destination is mostly impromptu and more frequent in a year. We do mainly adventure and backpacking tours and we have done super budget trips. We believe that now is the age for it. Once we get older we can have relaxed luxurious trips.

    • Thanks a ton dear. 🙂 Exactly, I believe the same, there is no alternative to the fun you can have when we are young and with loved ones. <3

  4. For a sec i thought bhavna is from dubai

    Yeah we too travel a lot since ts so much easier from dubai to travel to diff parts of the world

    Two international and one indiandestination is what we usually do

    Last yr china and hongkong with south india temple visits
    This year its cambodia and himachalpradesh with leh n ladakh

    • Haha.. Thanks! 🙂 I LOVE Dubai, I feel it is one of the BEST man-made place ever, Dubai & Luxury mean the same to me. O, wow! I would love to travel to Hongkong and China too, seems like Ladakh is everyone’s favourite destination here !!

  5. Hi Bhawna…love the outfit….can you tell me the Rayban model number…am hunting for sunglasses right now :)…would love to check these out too…thanks


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