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Priya Jain asks,

I have oily skin with light silky hair.

I have acne marks and open pores on my skin. I want to reduce open pores and lighten acne marks.

Also, I have good silky hair but very light and white hair also at an age of 25.

What should I do to cure my problems.

Waiting for your response.

Take care

open pores and acne problem solution

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  1. Hi Priya- I have normal to oily and this is what i am currently doing. Hope it helps

    my routine is as follows – in the night, I use the Neutrogena Normal to Oily Deep clean cleanser, Everyuth Toner (tea tree oil, rose water and gycerine) and Loreal Night cream (Nutrlift I think its called). I steam my face once a week to help with the open pores and after steaming them for abt 10 mins, I put a cold cloth/towel over my face.

    In office, i use TBS blotting papers every 2 to 3 hrs to remove any excess oil. My cosmetics are very minimal such as MAC concealer, Ponds tinted moistuzer, powder to set amd Maybelline colossal kajal..if i am going out i use a blush..

    sorry abt the long post and details on my routine..but that was just to give u a fair idea of what i do in order for the pores to get minimized + to give an appearance of fewer pores..

  2. Hi Priya, if you dont have acne anymore.. then use kumkumadi thailam. Its awesome. The consistency of it is a little liquidy-oily so wouldnt suggest for acne prone skin.
    IT also lightens the skin over a period of time.

  3. for reducing pore size immediately give ur face a lst rinse of cold water(refrigerated…)..n dis will not only reduce d pore size instantaneously but wil also keep the oilyness at bay for long hours.wenevr possible rub ice on ur face after washing..!!! dis works even btr than cold water…i swear by dis as i hv extremely oily t zone..!! 🙁

  4. hey priya,
    take fresh tomato,cucumber n lemon juice in 4:4:1 ratio, set in a tray n freeze. daily at night after washing wash u take out 1 cube and rub on ur face till it melts.let it dry.leave it overnight. do this for atleast 1 week to see a difference .
    for hair apply curry leaf juice n onion juice and leave overnight,next morning wash with green gram powder(2 tsp) mixed in a cup of curd. continue to use it for around a month every time u wash ur hair. meanwhile don’t oil ur scalp.

  5. of course u can cure priya…………… white hair may be for liver problem…………. consult a doctor……. for acne consult a good beautitian of parlour and take treatment …

  6. hi priya,
    about hair: use amla soaked overnight in water in a black kadhai. . then in morning mix honey, fround methi , hibiscus leaves etc. you can mix whichever is avaialble. the napply on scalp anf hair . wash after 1 hour without any shampoo. next day apply oil and shampoo. i had very fine brownish hair when i was in 10th class. i was told about this and used every week for 6 months or so and now i have thick black and healthy hair.
    acne marks are little tough to battle. i use orange powdwer with curd.

  7. Use a retinol based cream at nights….works to keep acne away and fades away existing marks..but use a minimum strength one to start with…and have patience it will eventually fade

  8. Using a cream with Benzoyl Peroxide at night really helps. But pls consult a dermatologist before using any medication. Every morning, after using a facewash, apply honey n massage using circular motion. Over time, this helps to reduce acne, lighten scars n lend a healthy glow to ur skin. For open pores, the ice cube remedy suggested by kanika is very effective. If u cant tolerate the feeling of ice or ur skin, wrap it in a towel n apply. Hope this helps 🙂

  9. Thanks mitra. I had severe acne when i was just finishing school….was simply awful! Since then, ive tried evrything under the sun to keep them at bay 🙂


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