OPI – I’m Not Really A Waitress Review


OPI – I’m not really a waitress

I’ve been away from writing reviews for a while now. I keep thinking of different products I want to review but haven’t found time to do so; finally glad I’m getting started with it again.

So let me make a comeback with my current favorite nail polish!! And yes it is by OPI, I know there are quite a lot of OPI fans here on Wiseshe 🙂

This one is called “I’m not really a waitress” now I really don’t get the connection between the nail polish and the name, but doesn’t matter I like how OPI names their polishes anyway.


OPI Im not really a waitress review+opi nail colors


Initially I wasn’t too excited about the color, it looked too common. I already had a lot of pinks and reds in my nail polish collection. Moreover I later realized I had a similar nail polish, disappointing!! as you know OPI is quite expensive. But when I swatched the two colors side by side I could see a whole lot of difference 🙂 OPI has a unique formula which makes all the difference in the world. Even though you might be able to find a dupe that mimics the color it is very difficult to get the same finish as OPI.  It has a unique softness and classiness which makes it different from any ordinary pink or red.


OPI Im not really a waitress review nail swatch+opi nail polish


The color – OPI describes it as a vivacious Chianti red. The formula is just amazing; pictures do not do justice to the actual finish of the nail polish.  It looks very special and glamorous on the nails. I kept staring at my nails all day long 🙂 No doubt it is one of the most popular nail polishes by OPI.


OPI Im not really a waitress review NOTD+opi polish


The consistency – It is somewhat opaque, it requires two coats to make it completely opaque.

Stay-on power – It can last up to a week with tiny winy chipping, even more if you take good care (I don’t :-p).

That’s all from me, OPI- I’m not really a waitress is yet another gorgeous red nail polish by OPI. Give it a try!


Have you tried OPI – I’m not really a waitress?


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