OPI Nail Lacquer Fiercely Fiona Review & NOTD


OPI Nail Lacquer Fiercely Fiona Review

Hello everyone!

Yellow nail polish. This is something a lot of women shy away from. Yellow nail colours are generally considered difficult to carry off. But luckily for Indians, most of us have warm-toned skin. So yellows look amazing on us! It’s not surprising that the yellow nail polish trend keeps returning every couple of years, as it’s such a fun and cheerful colour.


OPI Fiercely Fiona


A yellow nail polish that I’ve been wearing quite often recently is Fiercely Fiona, from the OPI Shrek Forever After Collection of Spring 2010. I haven’t seen the movie as I’m not a huge fan of the Shrek series. But I am a huge fan of this particular collection from OPI. For the first time, OPI really went out of its comfort zone and came up with a collection without any boring reds, pinks and nudes. Instead, what we saw were pastels and bright purples, blues, a green and a yellow.

Unfortunately, I only bought Fiercely Fiona from this collection as OPI can be pretty expensive for a college student’s budget.

Price: The price of OPI Nail Lacquer Fiercely Fiona INR 670. There is no doubt that product is costly.

My experience with OPI Nail Lacquer Fiercely Fiona:

Colour: At first sight, Fiercely Fiona is a light, almost pastel yellow. But after looking more carefully, you realise that there’s something odd about the colour. It looks like kind of weird and murky, and rust me when I say it’s one of the most interesting shades in my nail polish stash. What makes Fiercely Fiona interesting is that it’s not a pure yellow, there’s a tiny bit of green mixed in. Almost like a very yellow pear.


OPI Fiercely Fiona Nail Polish


Fiercely fiona seems like a light, soft colour in the bottle, but looks much brighter on the nails.

As I said earlier, many women shy away from yellow nail polish. But it’s not that hard to carry off light yellows like Fiercely Fiona. You can wear it with outfits in neutral colours like beige and brown. Colours like this can work wonders for an otherwise plain, boring outfit.

Application: The application was good, as expected from OPI. The Pro-Wide brush definitely helps with the easy application. The formula was a little thin, but it applied smoothly and evenly. It dried quickly to a glossy finish. This is all the more impressive because Fiercely Fiona is a yellow. And we all know what a streaky nightmare yellow nail lacquers can be. Fortunately, except for the slightly runny consistency, I did not face any such problems with this polish.


OPI Nail polish Fiercely Fiona


Do make sure to use a base coat as yellow nail polishes can stain your nails.

Pigmentation: This was the only thing about Fiercely Fiona that disappointed me. I needed four thin coats for complete opacity. You can get away with three if you use thicker coats, but I would always recommend thin coats when it comes to yellow nail polishes.

Staying Power: OPI lacquers are very durable. Fiercely Fiona, like most OPI nail polishes, lasts for a week without any major chips.


OPI Nail Lacquer Fiercely Fiona


What I Like About OPI Nail Lacquer Fiercely Fiona:

  • Beautiful yellow colour
  • Easy to apply
  • Pro-Wide brush
  • Smooth, even finish
  • Quick drying time
  • Glossy finish
  • Impressive staying power
  • Big-3 Free

What I Don’t Like About OPI Nail Lacquer Fiercely Fiona:

  • Slightly runny consistency
  • Expensive

Rating: 4.5/5

Overall, I love this nail lacquer from OPI. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a yellow nail polish that’s relatively easy to apply. I will definitely be sporting OPI Fiercely Fiona a lot this summer.



    • Oh I have so many pastels in my stash, I love them. The only ones left to buy are a pink pastel and an orange/peach pastel. I love how they look on me 😛

    • Fiercely Fiona is a very unique, intriguing shade. It’s much easier to carry off than those bright, sunny, in-your-face yellows (though I like those as well) 😛


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