OPI Nail Lacquer in Russian Navy Review


OPI Nail Lacquer in Russian Navy Review

When I received my Vellvette box last month, I was jumping with joy because it contained a particular brand which I have always wanted to buy but could never really bring myself to, because the price was quite high. However, when I saw that they had sent me Russian Navy from OPI, I was literally doing the crazy happy dance that wild women generally do when they see a good bargain at sight. I got the fun sized bottle containing about 3.75 ml. and I was really glad that I had had the foresight to subscribe for the box for 3 months.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Russian Navy Review+OPI Nail polish navy blue

The bottle is shaped exactly like a big OPI nail polish, only it’s a miniature size. I love the brush that comes with it, a long one which ensures I have full control over my fingers while applying the nail paint. The full sized bottle is around 520/- for 15 ml. so along with the Lush and the Clinique product I received, I guess this is a good bargain.

Though the appearance of this color is dark blue bordering on the violet, in reality the color is not as it is perfectly shiny navy blue with shimmers of violet that is really difficult to discern unless you are watching pretty closely. The color is pretty excellent for evening wear and I like using it with nude tips. It dries up within a couple of minute, which is another score for me.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Russian Navy Review notd+navy blue notd

One coat gives the color a slightly streaky look, while two gives it the opacity it needs. I like coating the nails twice, and then tipping them off with something nude for a really nice looking manicure. The color lasts me for about 2-3 days before starting to chip off, and yes, this DOES chip and does not last me more than 3-4 days on my fingers.

I have the pictures of chipped nail polish after 2 days. You can see the violet shimmers in the otherwise blue nail polish.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Russian Navy blackened purple nail polish

So yes, I guess, until I REALLY like a color or something, I will not be buying from OPI. However, they do have a mini-pack collection for around 1000 rupees or so (as per Vellvette)… so… well… who knows what future might bring?

Pros:OPI Nail Lacquer in Russian Navy

  • Great Color
  • Dries quickly
  • Cute packaging
  • Great for Nail Arts
  • Nice applicator

OPI Nail Lacquer in Russian nail polish reviews

Cons:OPI Nail Lacquer in Russian Navy

  • Chips after 2-3 days
  • Expensive
  • Availability
  • Ratings: 3/5

Overall, I feel this is a nail polish which will be better off as a nail art color.

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  1. Gorgeous color!! I didn’t get an OPI nail polish with my Vellvette box. 🙁
    Its really bad that it chips after just a few days… what’s the use of paying all the money!

  2. i bought one miniature OPI in red from an online site… loving the color… i have not started using it so don’t knw abt chipping… but u have received a very very beeautiful color 🙂

  3. super color !!! i haven got nail paints in a while .. i’ll finish up some before i go and buy more !!! but poori bery bery pretty color .. purple means i love it anyways !!!


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