OPI Nail Lacquer Nevermore Review & NOTD


OPI Nail Lacquer Nevermore Review & NOTD – Today, I have for you swatches and reviews of one of my favourite nail lacquers from OPI. This one is called Nevermore.

OPI Nevermore is from the Go Goth Set for Halloween 2010. OPI releases adorable sets of mini bottles for Halloween every year. Yes, I just used adorable and Halloween in the same sentence. These sets usually have cute Halloween decals included, but unfortunately the 2010 set came with a flimsy black cloth bracelet which went straight to the trash.


OPI Nail Lacquer Nevermore


Bottle: OPI mini bottles are extremely tiny. Just 3.75 ml! This is just enough for 4-5 manicures, before the product left is too little to comfortably get onto the brush.

I think mini nail polishes are great though, because brands like OPI are pretty expensive, especially here India. Mini bottles allow you to try more shades at a lower price. I hardly ever use up an entire bottle of nail polish anyway.


OPI Nevermore Nail Lacquer


Colour: Nevermore is one of the most gorgeous polishes I’ve ever seen. It’s a rich, inky  indigo shade which has soo much depth! It flashes both blue and purple depending on the angle and lighting. My camera makes it look bluer than it is. The purple base has purple, blue and subtle pink shimmer. In the bottle, it looks like a duochrome.

Nevermore is a dead-on dupe for OPI Ink from the Night Brights Collection of 2007, which is a part of the permanent collection.


OPI Nevermore  NOTD


Application: The brush of the mini-bottle is very tiny, so those of you with large nail beds may have issues with application. I didn’t face any problems though. The consistency of the polish is just right, which makes it easy to control. Nevermore dried to a smooth, even finish. The drying time was really quick. But because of this, you need to be quick with your application or you may get dragging and an uneven finish.

Pigmentation: I used a thin first coat and a thicker second coat. This was enough for complete opacity.

Staying Power: OPI Nail lacquers are usually extremely durable and last for a long time. But with Nevermore, I began to get tip wear after a couple of days, so the staying power is a bit disappointing. Make sure that you use a good base and top coat with this.


OPI Nevermore nail poilsh


What I Like About OPI Nail Lacquer Nevermore:

  • Gorgeous colour
  • Smooth finish
  • Good consistency – not too thick or too thin
  • Cute mini bottle
  • More affordable than full-sized OPI bottles
  • Good pigmentation
  • Quick dry time
  • Big-3 Free formula

What I Don’t Like About OPI Nail Lacquer Nevermore:

  • The brush of the mini bottle may not be suitable for large nail beds
  • Tip wear after two days

Rating: 4/5

The OPI Go Goth set is still available on eBay. I would definitely recommend purchasing it as it’s a great selection of polishes if you’re into dark, vampy colours. If you would like to get a full-sized bottle of this polish, get OPI Ink. It’s exactly the same polish.


  1. ur fingers look just like the ones in OPI website where we can try out applying various shades. Well groomed. And now coming back to the shade, it looks absolutely gorgeous and classy. I think i have seen a similar shade but not glossy as this from AVON. I will pick this up if i get a chance.

    • Thank you so much 🙂 Avon has a similar colour in matte finish called Violetta. But the shimmer in that is fine, whereas Nevermore has larger shimmer particles.
      Do get Nevermore/Ink, it’s available in India, I’m sure you’ll love it!

  2. Wooo this is soo lovely shade..! you have a huge OPI collection Rhea..! Gawd when will I own a single OPI nail color ..!!!

    • Do get at least one Ira. It’s okay to splurge once in a while. The only problem is that if you get one, you’ll surely want to buy more, and more, and more 😀

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