OPI Nail Polish My Address is Hollywood Rose Pink Nail Polish Review


This post is for my dear friend Mals who has been asking me every day to show her the swatches of recently purchased OPI nail polishes touring America Roadies Set of 4 Nail polish.

I was expecting some miracle from it and thought  it wont chip much as compared to other nail polishes but I was wrong it chips with in two days 🙁

I ordered a set of four from ebay and got these tiny little bottles where each of them contain just 3.75ml of product .One bottle will last for around maximum of 6-7 time which I don’t mind because as it is I have a huge collection of Nail polishes and most of them tend to get dry after a year :(.With this it gives me reason to splurge more  too 😉

A pack of four OPI’s costed me INR965 which is certainly not bad 🙂

OPI nail polish rose pink NOTD+My Address is” Hollywood “ OPI

and here I go with the swatches of my first cute little angel which is named as “My address if “Hollywood” ” 🙂

OPI Nail Polish pink OPI Nail polish India

It’s a rosy pink shade with coral undertone and micro gold  shimmer which is  varely visible that too under the sun. Inside house it looks like a glowy matte pink.Texture of the polish is pretty good its liquidy but not too thin.

It’s a opaque shade and has a glossy finish .It get applied evenly without creating any streak even if I use three coats and it does chip on my nails with in two days from its tip .

OPI NOTD PINK NAIL PAINT+Rosy  pink nail paint OPI

Shade is pretty and this kind of micro shimmer is rare to find in normal nail polishes.

OPI India pink NOTD

I completely  loved the shade 🙂

Rating :

  • Overall – 4/5
  • Texture – 4.5/5
  • Chipping 3/5
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  1. :-* :inlove: :lipstick: I Looooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee you :inlove: :inlove:
    This color is soooooooooooooo gorgeous …. love love love
    Sending you hugs kisses and loads of love :makeup: :kissing: :hugright: :-*

  2. Lovely shade.

    I have a similar OPI. Japanese rose garden. But that one is slightly blue toned pink. I havent worn it in a while so not very sure. But it has similar hidden shimmer which makes it so pretty.
    Mini bottles do look adorable.no?

    • yes i have used so many shimmery nail polishes which have micro shimmer but this shimmer is something different and pretty 🙂

  3. ya they have the big ones.. and the colours are really pretty like this one.. im really tempted to buy them but waiting for a really good offer on ebay.. bcoz i love the mini bottles

  4. Ana: Such a lovely shade!!! :inlove:
    Try applying only one heavy coat, as one coater stay longer.
    Did u apply top coat?? If you apply top coat my polishes easily last 5-7 days.

    • oh i frogot to mention i didn’t apply top coat 🙂 ok i will try with one coat ..generally if i don use two coats i feel my lovely process of applying NP got over so soon 😛

      • I know its a habit we have..even i feel its incomplete with a single coat..but I have experienced that if you apply less..it stays more…atleast with NP. Also it depends on how much you put your hands in water etc. Since i dont do much cleaning around the house..mine last easily without top coat for 4 days. What i normally do is apply NP, then apply top coat after a day or 2..that way it stays longer. let me know how that works or u 🙂

  5. this luks so nice on ur nails..as i said b4 it does make ur hands look fair…and this is such a pretty girly pink na???

    Hav u seen any gud indian brand will this sorta micro shimmer?


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