Orange French Manicure Nails With Flower Nail Art Designs


Painting nails orange is so much fun especially when all we see is greenery around:).I painted my nail tips with some orange nail paint  to brighten my day  and with a dotting tool made simple  flower design.

Flower nail art design

I applied transparent nail paint to protect my nails from getting yellow and with free hand applied orange nail paint on its tip.I used womsee orange nail paint for this.You can see that these are not not perfect tips .


Orange Manicure

So to hide the imperfection I made these three flowers on each nail   where the tip ends.

Orange manicure with simple flower nail art design

And for shimmer effect  and to seal the nail art applied colorbar 56  exclusive nail paint

and I am done 🙂

Easy and simple pretty flower nail art design

Have a blessed week  ahead  🙂


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  1. This is very nice :-)) .. Like the idea of camouflaging with flowers..and the orange is also nice.. i have been hunting all week for a nice bright peachy/orangy colour..but still no luck.

      • thats quite a compliment misha..i remember going to select city walk three years ago and paying Rs 600 for nail art that too just one hand..:( have u tried getting yur nails done through professionals

          • y were they tough Misha? I hav used extensions only once but that was long back when I cudnt quite even understand and just did it for fun 🙂 🙂

            • i have removed with NP comes of easily with alcohol 😉 and the lady had told me that if u tk a glass of rubbing alcohol and dip ur fingers in it, it comes off araam se and ur nails get a nice shine too..

            • I was extremely happy to get this done as it looked so amazing and clean and freshly done everytime. BUT no matter how beautiful they look the nails get damaged underneath (because they file them down before applying the extensions). When i got them removed i felt as if a layer of my nails also came off. I had to deal with thin and bumpy nails until they all grew out completely. This is a beautiful manicure, but in the long run the results are disastrous. :reallyangry:

  2. lovely look! I wud have luvd this without the shimmer also..

    And i like the shade alot too…I havent seen a similar shade in other brands here…any reccos?

  3. Yeah nice work witht he flowers..i need to practise more of freehand and dotting things..but i keep running back to stamping (coz it safe territory for me) :struggle:

  4. hehhe yaa stamping is any day simple and quick ..i like stamping too but nail art tool will always be my first love :heh:

  5. :tap-dance: :clap-n-jump: this one is so simple n pretty :jittery: evn m thinking for nail art 😛 will try to get konad kit from ut

  6. Hello Anu…why did you say lik that…i like everything…the one which impresses me the most …i try to book mark them…..pls dnt take the other way!!!

  7. Main aa rahi hun Mika…. m gonna try this definitely…. :clap-n-jump:
    tu to expert ho gayi hai re.. bada hi neat design banaya :clap: :clap:


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