Orange Lip Balm – Lipice Color Naughty Orange Review & Swatches


Orange Lip Balm – Lipice Color Naughty Orange Review & Swatches

Remember how I told you in my Himalaya lip butter review that I’d be on the look-out for the next new lip balm by the time I’m done typing it? Well, here is the latest addition to my stash and the newest member of my lip balm family. This is my new love and I’m hoping the other balms don’t get jealous of all the attention I’m giving this. Who knows….one day I may find this battered, shattered and murdered by the others :hammer: .  Oh no! I’d better rush and say Hi to everyone else…….!!! Meanwhile, you guys enjoy the review :lashes:

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About Lip Ice Color Naughty Orange:-

LipIce Micro Shine Color not only treats your lips but also provides you with vivacious, fresh and seductive lips.


  • LipIce Color with a burst of spectacular color that keeps your lips soft, smooth and nourished.
  • Enriched with Natural Beeswax and Mineral Oil that provide ample moisture to lips while giving a smooth and even finish.
  • Enhanced with high moisturising formula that keeps lips soft, smooth and nourished.
  • Fortified with Micro Shine Granules that give your lips a sparkling glow.
  • It comes with UV protection that guards your lips from harmful UVA/UVB rays.
  • Does not smudge and transfer to teeth.

Shine on… Flirt on… With LipIce Color!

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Lipice Color Naughty Orange Review & Swatches+orange lip balm

  • Quantity: 2.3 gms
  • Price:  INR 200(Its available here)

Shelf life: 3 years from mfg date

Other variants:

Directions: To color and moisturize your lips, just roll the stick and apply on to your lips.

Caution: To prevent breakage don’t expose too much product.


 Lip ice naughty orange ingredients+lip ice +lips dryness

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Packaging: Lip Ice

It comes in a carded packaging with complete product details printed at the back. The casing of the lip balm is very alluring and refreshingly different. Since this is LipIce “color”, you’d expect bright, colorful packaging.  Instead, they’ve opted for a brushed silver tube peppered with twinkling stars…like a serene night sky :moon: :star: . The lid is pure white and reminds me of fluffy white clouds :cloudy: Overall, it looks like a fairy’s wand. I can imagine myself holding it high and going *swish swish* in the air and magically spreading pixie dust onto everyone’s lips so that they glisten under the night sky. Of course, those who can’t stand shimmery lips would hate me :struggle: . But then, I’ll pick up my wand again and…okay, okay, I’ll stop here :stop: Yes, I can be quite loony :giggle: (Read: VERY loony) :silly:


 Lip ice lip balm for pigmented lips+lips ice

My experience with Lipice Color Naughty Orange :-

So, where were we?? Ah yes…pixie dust! Oh sorry, I meant LipIce Orange 😀 (you must be really wanting to kick me by now :beatup: ) In the midst of all that gibberish, I failed to mention that the packaging is moderately sturdy. I say “moderately” since it looks tough on the outside but I can feel something wobbling inside :confused: .The cap snaps shut nice and tight so it won’t open up while travelling. In the tube, the color looks bronze-orange with micro, multi-colored shimmer. I’m seriously not a fan of such shades and was very hesitant to use it. But on the lips…wowwww! :lipstick: On the lips, the color is a sheer peachy orange and it looks superbly natural. In fact, this suits me better than the pink tint. So much so, that I’ve been ignoring my lippies and rushing to this when I have to go out. I’ve slowly begun to realize that I should give all the pinks some rest and move onto peachy orange-based tints.

Although it is sheer, the color can be built up to give medium pigmentation. But when swiped more than twice, the color tends to get patchy and application does not look even. The shimmer is only visible up close and under bright lights. The formula glides easily onto lips and looks good on freshly exfoliated lips. But if your lips are cracked, this has a tendency to settle into fine lines especially when swiped more than twice. It is indeed moisturizing and keeps lips soft and supple for about 2 hours. I’ve even found it to feel mildly tingly and cool but strangely, I don’t see any menthol in the list of ingredients ?:-) Though it is hydrating, the effects are temporary and lips go back to square one once the lip balm has faded. I don’t think this will repair cracked lips or improve the condition of the lips.

In the pic on the left, can you see that the color has settled into the lines of my palm? (I’m not sure if it’s clearly visible since the photo has been resized. Please take out your magnifying glasses :search: :giggle: ). Also notice that the color looks more orange on my palm and more peach on my arm. So, this may show up differently on different people.

Swatches Of Lip Ice Naughty Orange Lip Balm:-

Lip ice naughty orange lip balm swatches+lip ice lip balm orange lip balm swatches

What I like about LipIce Naughty Orange:-

  • Attractive, hygienic, travel-friendly packaging
  • Glides onto lips easily
  • Lovely tint that will suit all complexions
  • Shimmer is not chunky or gritty
  • No discernible fragrance when applied
  • Lips feel tingly and cool
  • Moisturizes well and keeps lips supple
  • Has UV protection
  • Comes in a variety of shades


What I don’t like about LipIce Naughty Orange:-

  • No mention of the level of SPF
  • Application looks patchy when used on dry or non-exfoliated lips
  • Color may settle into fine lines
  • Pricey if you consider the quantity
  • Rating: 4/5

I would totally recommend this and if (like me) you have been wary of wearing orange tints, do give this a try :yes:

Have you tried Lip Ice Colour Naughty Orange?

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  1. Tooooooooooo good review..Oopsi! :-* :hug-makeup: :highfive: I have the POUTY PINK wala n loved it too..but shimmers are thoda too much in dat I feel …but i still like applying it…Orange i wil try soon! i :inlove: liptints! :lipstick:

  2. Well written post orange is the color which is my fav at present n m thinking of getting a orange lipstick this looks nice n warm

  3. Very pretty shade! I haven’t ventured into oranges yet. I’ve stunk to the pinks and browns! 🙂 Might be nice to try it out. But does it have shimmer? Like too much of it? Like OTT? Okay, I should stop. 😀

    And awesome review!! 😀

  4. I really wanted a review of this product, like I was going to buy it but at the last moment I dint, but this time I am going to as the shade is damn pretty! :yes:


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