Orange Lipstick Makeup Tutorial


Orange Lipstick Makeup Tutorial

A few days back, Ira wrote an article on What colors to wear with orange lipsticks. Wearing an orange lipstick can really change the course of a day out and also a night out. A pop of cheery melon or tangerine brightens up any look and mood. A punchy orange lip is all you need to make heads turn. But orange lips need to be paired well with proper eye and base makeup. So lets see how you can nail the look.

Orange Lipstick Makeup Tutorial

Choose the right shade of orange

People say there is a red lipstick for everyone. This goes with orange lipsticks as well. Orange lipsticks come in a varied shades and tones. From bright neon oranges and cheery melons to bold tangerine and brick oranges, there are many. The first step is to choose a shade that looks good on your skin tone. On warmer and duskier skin tones, brick oranges and reddish oranges look good. Whereas bright tangerine or neon oranges look better on medium to fair skinned beauties.


Depending on the intensity of your orange lips, you have options to play and experiment with eye makeup. The rule is same: Bold lips with neutral eyes or understated lips with dramatic eyes.

  • If your lips are bold Orange- If you choose to wear bright tangerine on your lips, then keep your eyes understated. Play with your eyeliners and choose neutral eye shadows. Wined liner, cat liner, fluttering lashes sans any eye makeup looks awesome when you have bold orange color on lips.

Orange Lipstick Makeup Tutorial - bold orange

  • If your lips are subtle orange- Deep contoured eyes and smoky eyes look best with orange stained lips. Metallic eye shadows look great too. Shimmery gold, bronze, beige, taupe is your color.

Orange Lipstick Makeup Tutorial - subtle orange

My favorite Eye makeup with Orange lips

I apply a light wash of neutral beige eye shadow all over my lids and a dark brown eye shadow on crease area and outer corner to define and deepen the crease. Then I draw a thick stroke of black liner on upper lash line and wing out a bit. I prefer to keep my waterline bare but you can dust a little matte brown eye shadow under waterline as well. I finish off with loads of mascara. This gives a classy, crisp modern look paired with a bright lipstick.


Make sure you have a flawless base. Apply foundation and blend in well. Use concealer if required. If you are heading to office or college, a simple BB cream is enough.


Warm toned cheeks look great with orange lips. Pair with a warm toned blushes like peach, corals, orangey browns, etc. Bronzer works well too.

Lakme orange tease fotd lakme


  • Be confident, whatever you are wearing. Best of looks can go wrong if you are not confident.
  • If you are matching your dress to your lipstick, I would say, go for subtle orange stained lips.
  • If you have bright tangerine on lips, keep your eyes and base makeup understated.
  • You can wear pink cheeks as well. But make sure it is warm toned.

So? What are you waiting for? Start flaunting your orange lips

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