Organic and simple body scrub for soft skin

Good morning  wise readers 🙂
On this beautiful lazy Saturday isn’t it great to  pamper our skin? Just taking out few minutes on an off day can improve the texture of our skin a lot without making us spend thousands.
                                                    Indian Jagerry(gud)
Today I am sharing with you a wonder full scrub which doesn’t have too many ingredients. So if the Saturday is lazy let’s stick to it by avoiding shopping outside for one or two ingredients.:P
All you have to do is take powder jaggery(If you do not have the powdered one just grind it in the mixer grinder).Now mix some olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E oil or almond oil in it.If you want you can mix all the three together .If you like any essential oil which suits your skin then go ahead with it.
Scrub your body in circular motion with this and take shower as usual.This scrub can be used by those who have sensitive skin too but do not forget to do a test patch .
Jagerry is rich in anti-oxidants and helps in fighting the free radicals in the body.In fact eating Jagerry is often advised by the doctor as it purifies the blood and helps maintaing blood sugar level.
If you are a working woman then try including a bit of jaggery in your meals. It is helpful in relieving fatigue and relaxing muscles .
The scrub can be used with brown sugar too but when I apply jagerry unlike sugar I don not have to struggle hard to melt it down .So give a treat to your skin today and make it smooth with jaggery and let me know whether your skin liked it or not.



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