Organic Harvest Monsoon Sunscreen SPF 30 Review



Organic Harvest Monsoon Sunscreen spf 30


Generally it is believed that during cloudy days there is no need of an extra layer against the sun. Thank you Wiseshe for imbibing such good habits in me like wearing sunscreen everyday even in monsoons, reading the ingredient list, removing all traces of makeup at night and so on πŸ˜› Although I prefer sunblocks as they require less frequent reapplication, I picked up a sunscreen this time because it is very humid this time and my face sweats like hell. A sunblock being heavier makes skin sweat a little more. Finally I got an organic solution to my problem. Keep reading to explore the product.


Organic Harvest Monsoon Sunscreen SPF 30

About Organic Harvest Monsoon Sunscreen spf 30:


Organic Harvest Monsoon Sunscreen description

Price: 495 INR for 50g



Organic Harvest Monsoon Sunscreen ingredients

Smell and consistency: Organic Harvest Monsoon Sunscreen spf 30 has a very appealing fragrance which fades away right after application so it is not bothersome to sensitive noses. The consistency it has is quite runny and thatÒ€ℒs why a little goes a long way. Due to its thin consistency it is easy to spread across the face without pulling the skin apart.

Packaging: A good quality plastic transparent bottle has been used for its packaging and there is a pump dispenser to get access to the sunscreen. The packaging is done very carefully with an extra protection of cardboard so that the bottle does not get damaged in any manner. Also though it may look expensive yet the quantity required every time is so less that one bottle would last for months if applied solely on the face and neck.


Monsoon Sunscreen Organic Harvest


My take on Organic Harvest Monsoon Sunscreen SPF 30:

As the name suggests it is especially formulated for the monsoon season when the heat stays behind and the sun keeps hiding behind the clouds. The consistency of this sunscreen is runny but thanks to the pump dispenser you do not get nightmares of spilling out extra product every time. Just one pump is required and the quantity that comes out at one go is more than enough for the whole face. One needs another half a dollop for the neck and you are ready to go. The finish it gives is dewy not matte as claimed.

Most sun protective lotions makes me sweat when I am outdoors and I picked this up hoping that it would keep me sweat free. Right after application for the first few minutes it feels slightly heavy but then that feeling vanishes away completely. In fact when I am directly under the sun, my skin sweats but it is much lesser with the help of this. However it does not cause aggravate sweating at any time. Plus if someday in a hurry I skip my moisturizer and apply this directly on my face, it keeps it nourished too.


Organic Harvest Monsoon Sunscreen

Coming to the best part, being a monsoon sunscreen it stays on the skin even when I am sweating a lot, I come back home without getting sun burns etc. It has a transparent finish and does not give whitish cast in pictures. In all I am extremely happy the way it saves my skin from tanning plus it is free from mineral oil, animal ingredients and parabens so no need of worrying about skin damage in the long run πŸ™‚


Organic Harvest Monsoon Sunscreen swatch


Summing it up:

What I like about Organic Harvest Monsoon Sunscreen spf 30:

  • Successful as a sunscreen
  • Moisturizing for normal and combination skin.
  • Gives a dewy finish
  • Very light texture so easy to apply
  • Free from parabens
  • Does not aggravate sweating
  • The slight heavy feeling vanishes quickly
  • No whitish cast
  • Pump dispenser
  • One bottle would last for months.

What I dislike about Organic Harvest Monsoon Sunscreen spf 30:

  • Does not give matte finish on combination to oily skin as claimed
  • Not for oily skin in extremely humid weather.

Overall verdict:

In all this is recommended to girls who are looking for a sun protective lotion formulated especially for the monsoon heat, does not give whitish cast in photos, does not aggravate sweating, gives a glowing look to the face and last but not the least is FREE FROM PARABENS :-D. hope you find my review useful πŸ™‚

Wise she rating: 4.5/5

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    • ya Ayushi, you will sweat a little less as this would not aggravate sweating but make sure you apply it at least twenty mins before leaving home πŸ™‚


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