Organic Harvest Retention – Hydrating Moisturizer With Collagen Amino Protein Review


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Today, I’ll be talking about Organic Harvest Retention – Hydrating Moisturizer with Collagen Amino Protein. This moisturizer is from their ‘Hydration’ range and we got this product few days ago by the brand itself. I have been using this moisturizer since 2 weeks and here goes my review.

Product Info

The legendary history of Sea Buckthorn dating back to Gengis Khan and Mythical Greece adds to the credibility of ‘Retention’ premium range. Now, put yourself into the shoes of mighty rulers and indulge yourself into the excellence of Sea Buckthorn extract, well-known for it’s rejuvenating effects on the skin.

How to use

For best results, generously apply the moisturizer using the fingertips evenly on the face and neck in an upward direction, twice a day followed after Retention Hydrating Serum.



Price- INR 1595 for 100ml.


My Experience with Organic Harvest Retention – Hydrating Moisturizer with Collagen Amino Protein


The product comes in a signature Organic Harvest packaging, which is classy and easy to work with. The slim, sturdy pump bottle comes in a beautiful carton box and so it is easy to store and carry around the glass bottle during travelling.



Fragrance and Consistency-

The Fragrance is quite herbal and mild. The smell is quite familiar to the citrus family. It is really refreshing and It lingers for a long time. Since it is mild in nature, it doesn’t bother sensitive noses.

The consistency of this product is neither too thick nor runny, which is great for normal to oily skin people. The pump on this bottle dispenses good amount of moisturizer and I need two pumps to get a proper amount of moisturizer to apply on my face. This spreads evenly and absorbs by the skin in no time. It hydrated my skin like no other and provide a good amount of moisturizer that skin feels soft and plump all day long.


Performance wise, It doesn’t give any sticky feel to my skin, as it is a water based product. It makes my skin soft and smooth and improves skin quality which is a plus! It has
Sea buckthorn extracts which is a boon for problematic skin like me. Although, I really enjoy using this product as it does what it claims. I wish, it would have contained SPF.

What I Like about Organic Harvest Retention – Hydrating Moisturizer with Collagen Amino Protein 

  • Sturdy and Gorgeous packaging
  • Organic product
  • Great smell
  • Good texture
  • Enriched with amino acid
  • Pump bottle which is haul-able
  • Hydrates skin very well
  • Moisturising
  • Little goes for long ( the 100 ml bottle lasts for at-least 2.5 months)
  • Didn’t break me out
  • Ideal moisturiser for oily and acne prone skin
  • Free from harsh chemicals, Paraben, mineral oil and animal ingredients.

What I Don’t Like about Organic Harvest Retention – Hydrating Moisturizer with Collagen Amino Protein 

  • No SPF
  • Price is a bit steep.

Rating- 4.5/5



  1. Price seems a bit high..but it is so difficult to find a good moisturizer for problematic skin and since it worked well on your skin, I think it might work well on mine too, will check it out 🙂


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