Organix Healing Mandarin and Olive Oil Conditioner Review


Organix Healing Mandarin and Olive Oil Conditioner

Hi all,

I was on the hunt for a new condtioner for a while now as my hair was behaving rather strangely. I have very long hair which is prone to dry ends and a greasy scalp.The humidity is Mumbai is not helping this condition either. At my neighbourhood beauty store I spotted this cute dome shaped bottle and I got it without a second thought. Imagine a cocktail made with mandarin oranges.. ( my fav one-they r the tiny ones you get in super markets may be once a year.. Have eaten them a lot in Singapore) topped with olives. Now this sounds good isnt it?

Have a look at what a Mandarin Orange looks like


olives+olive oil conditioner


Looks yummy right? Well this conditioner smells yummy as well. Read on to know how it fared.


Organix Healing Mandarin and Olive Oil Conditioner Review+olive oil hair products


  • Price: 450 for 385 ml. Its available online at .I bought it from Beautiful,Lokahndwala.Mumbai

The  first thing that attracted me was the packaging. The botlle is a dome shaped bottle with a golden flip top cap. Looks bright and inviting.The Flip top cap seals shut thus making it easy to travel with. No risk of spillage in bag.


Organix Healing Mandarin and Olive Oil Conditioner Review cap+hair care products


The fragrance is very citrusy and I really like that.I did not detect the smell of olives at all,but olive oil is mentioned in the ingredient list.My hair smells lovely after using this and the fragrance lasts for atleast 6-7 hours ,unless I apply a serum on my hair.

The texture is thicker than most condtioners,but spreads very easily on wet hair.It rinses easily too,not leaving any heaviness or greasiness behind and makes my hair all bouncy,shiny and happy.The one grouse I have with this product is that its a little tough to squeeze out the conditioner due to the thickness of the product.


Organix Healing Mandarin and Olive Oil Conditioner Review Hand swatch+hair care


Organix as a company believes in eco friendly packaging and the conditioner comes in a recycled bottle.How cool rite ! Great hair and not at the cost of the environment.


Organix Healing Mandarin and Olive Oil Conditioner Review details+best hair products


Now coming to how it fared on my hair.The conditioner made my hair shiny and bouncy. As I have very long hair,my hair tends to fall flat at times. That did not happen with this one. De tangling was a breeze even without any serum and my hair smells fresh all day .

This is how my hair looks after using this conditioner. Hair is naturally dried .no blow dryer or straightener was used.


Organix Healing Mandarin and Olive Oil Conditioner Review Hair+hair products


Also,as the quantity is quite good ,and you don’t need much product at a time,this bottle will last you for long. Highly recommended

What I like about Organix Healing Mandarin and Olive Oil Conditioner:

  • Pretty bottle,
  • Great Fragrance
  •   Thick but Weightless in texture
  • Doesnt leave the hair limp
  • Rinses easily
  • Makes detangling a breeze
  • Hair smells fresh after use
  • Great quantity

What I don’t like about Organix Healing Mandarin and Olive Oil Conditioner:

  • Product may be a bit difficult to squeeze out at times due to thick texture
  • Availability

Rating: 5/5

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Have you tried Organix Healing Mandarin and Olive Oil Conditioner ?

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  1. You look so pretty here Shweta and your hair..touchwood 🙂 . I am eyeing on this one, will grab shampoo also from this range soon 🙂

  2. Wonderful hair shweta , don’t ever chop it off !

    I want to try this , but I’m on a ban :big tears falling down face:

    Adding it to list of buy soon.

    And that tablet can be taken by people who want to grow their hair out also?

  3. yes karishma.. biotin is a protein supplement.. folliehair has gelatin base.. so if someone is strict vegtarian its not for them.. alternative is biotin tablet.. i think the brand name is BTN tablet

  4. You and Anamika , both have such amazingly long and beautiful hair – great texture. Give us your haircare regime please. 😛 Organix is good then ? I might try their argan oil mask then…for now Loreal smooth intense is working well for me. I like it because it doesnt have cones.

  5. Hehe! Arja i dont have a haircare regime as such! I wash n condition every alternate day! Thats about it! Where have u been girl.. Long time

  6. I have tried the keratin shampoo and conditioner of organix and the coconut milk range too..they r pretty awesome!! try them out next time wen they r available to u..Here in US,we get them in every drugstore..they r worth the price 🙂


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