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Organix Kukui Oil Shampoo

Hi everyone,

How are you all? So, I was quite happy with my Organix anti breakage keratin oil shampoo but I wanted to try other variants from the brand. Why trying another variant when one works well, you ask? Well, firstly because the shampoo was managing my hair fall problem quite well but it didn’t make my hair very smooth; I wanted to try if a variant would serve the same purpose as well as make my hair smoother than the said variant. Secondly, who doesn’t want a change? So I gave a try to Organix kukui oil shampoo.


Organix Kukui Oil Shampoo


Read on to know how it fared.

Price: INR 725 for 385 ml.

About Organix Kukui Oil Shampoo:

Organix Kukui Oil Shampoo is an exotic mixture of kukui nut oil that makes your hair healthier and improves its texture. Kukui nut oil is an ancient Hawaiian secret that has ability to resist humidity and gives a shiny and smooth texture to your hair.

  • It cleanses your scalp and strengthens your hair.
  • It gives an attractive look to your hair.
  • It nourishes your hair and gives them a healthier and lustrous look.

Additional information: Organix Kukui Oil Shampoo is free from SLS/SLES.

How to Use:

Apply Organix shampoo generously to wet hair, massage into lather through to ends then rinse hair thoroughly. Follow with Organix Conditioner.


Organix Kukui Oil Shampoo ingredients


My experience with Organix Kukui Oil Shampoo:

This variant comes in a black bottle with golden cap. (Black is my favorite color by the way!) The packaging is huge and heavy; the bottle looks good while sitting on the washroom shelf. I love the look of organix shampoos and conditioners- the sturdy and cute bottles they have. At the same time, though, you should know that these are not meant to be taken along while travelling; these are heavy and take a lot of space as I said in my previous post.

Now, all organix products are known to have great fragrance and so does this shampoo. It has a soothing floral fragrance which would be liked by most people. I like the fragrance more as compared to anti-breakage variant. It remains in your hair for 1-2 days after wash which is a great feature.


Organix hydrate defrizz Kukui Oil Shampoo


The consistency of this shampoo is quite thick and you’ll have to keep on adding water as you scrub this on your scalp to form a good lather. Sulfate free shampoos lather less, that is what I had heard of but this one is pretty fine lather wise. It is just a bit lesser than the usual shampoos; so this feature is not much of a concern for me.

If I talk of performance now, it leaves the scalp pretty clean, smelling amazing and with absolutely no irritation like the previous variant. Hair fall is also managed the way it was with anti-breakage one but it does not do justice to its main claim which is hydration and de-frizz. Managing frizz was far away a question, it rather caused all the more frizz in my hair. After 20 minutes of wash, when my hairs were 30-40% dry, I could see the formation of sun rays with frizz. (Only people dealing with frizzy hair would understand). Not only that, it did not hydrate well; hairs were very dry on the second day after wash which generally does not happen to me. So, I am really disappointed with this shampoo.


Organix KukuiOil Shampoo


At the same time, I would like to mention that it did fare well for my friend’s hair. She admitted to have smoother and more hydrated hair than her previous shampoos.

So overall, even though it seems to work differently on different hair types, I would not recommend this shampoo to anyone. My faith in the brand still remains though, because of hair fall control and causing no damage to my scalp.


Organix KukuiOil Shampoo swatch


What I like in Organix Kukui Oil Shampoo:

  • The cute and sturdy bottle.
  • The amazing fragrance that remains in the hair even after wash.
  • It is sulfate free.
  • Hair fall both due to breakage and strand loss is reduced to a great extent.
  • No irritation to the scalp.
  • One bottle goes a long way.

What I do not like in Organix Kukui Oil Shampoo:

  • Instead of adding moisture to the hair, it takes away the natural moisture from my hair making them drier. (Results vary from person to person though)
  • Adds to the amount of frizz. Disappointed!
  • The price is on the higher end.

Rating: 2/5

Until next time take care!

Have you tried Organix Kukui Oil Shampoo?

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