Oriflame Beauty Dual skin Corrector Concealer Review


Post By Shreya,Oriflame Beauty Dual Skin Corrector Concealer

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Hi again πŸ™‚

Today review is for another oriflame stuff and it is a concealer.


What Oriflame Dual Corrector Concealer Claims:

Unique dual-action stick concealer. The outer core instantly covers and hides imperfections whilst the inner core contains Tea-tree oil, a natural ingredient with anti-microbial and soothing properties that dries out and helps clears up blemishes. Dermatologically tested. Available in three shades. 16 g.

The original price of this product is 239 Rs but I got this from Pooja at a price of 135 Rs isnÒ€ℒt she great :-*

Oriflame Beauty Dual skin correct concealer review

I was happy because I knew something with tea tree oil should not hurt my acne prone skin + It had good reviews + a bonus it was economical. What more do you want as a 1st time user of concealers  πŸ™‚

Oriflame Dual Correct Concealer review and swatches

So well you can see I got this in medium shade. And swatches are as shown in picture below

My experience with it has been good kinds I have not used high end concealers and I wanted something to cover my red acne marks and blemishes where it did a good job.

  •  Coverage: Medium I wont say full because my deep red spots didnÒ€ℒt cover that good. Lighter ones went invisible. Non oily cheeks staying power with compact 4 hrs.
  • Under eye area: I donÒ€ℒt have too much dark circle for light ones I used it. And because of its creamy texture I could easily pat it around my eyes and it did not cease till good 4 hrs in ac environment (I donÒ€ℒt have very oily eye lids). With compact it can stay more I guess.

Oriflame Dual corrector concealer Swatches

Around the nose: I have combi skin and my nose is oil factory. It could not stand that oil even with compact for more than 2 hrs :(. I had to touch up after every two hours.


What I liked about Oriflame Dual Skin Corrector Concealer

  1. Got on offer cheap
  2. Tea tree oil is good for skin
  3. Works good for blemishes and under eye area.
  4. Shade matched me perfectly.


What I did not like about Oriflame Beauty Dual Skin Corrector

  1. Around nose area doesnÒ€ℒt work for me.
  2. I wish my red spots got full coverage

I am going to buy this next time for blemishes only. especially when it is on offer. Around nose area I have to either get another concealer or keep powdering it within intervals. Actually IÒ€ℒd get another concealer that way I would review a new product πŸ˜‰

Thank you all πŸ™‚

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    • yes Divs…A’s suggestion works..just swipe on wrist and rub a bit with ur fingers…and then dab and use..it works beautifully..

      and also, this may look a bit dry but it isnt so..when u apply it works really fine and u can blend easily with ring finger πŸ™‚

  1. Oh i got this some 2 years ago..i was intrigued with the white centre of this stick..is that Tea Tree? I dint know till now…

    mmmi think its still lying somewhr…i stopped using it cause i got a very light shade..actually my friend bought it for me on request from her consultant..

  2. Oh…then i have a different one. its has some white colored middle section and surrounding it is the coloured concealor… :wallbash:

  3. I have this. I had pretty dark circles then and when Oriflame consultant told it will conceal the dark circles i immediately bought it in medium shade.
    For the first time I used i felt it was a bit dry. I expected it to give atleast medium coverage but it looked ashy on me.

    • ohh…maybe the shade wasnt the right one…and ive heard of alot of ppl who dont feel this suits them…hota hai..which one do u use now then?

      • i can easily fit into medium to dusky tone. So i couldn’t buy light shade. moreover she suggested me this shade, But i am on a mission to reduce dark circles and so far it has reduced considerably.
        i thought i’ll try it when my dark circles seems not that dark

        • well, if u hav extreme dark circles i honestly dont think any concealor and hide them totally..whenever i feel i have excess DCs, i dab concealor, blend and go thru my usual routine of sunscreen n all..i find creme compacts to be a bit more helpful to conceal even further but they r a a big nono for me in summer and rains..i travel by bus so everything washes away in the rain πŸ™ i also use brown kajal to lighten the DC effect and use thicker liner to take the attention away from lower eyes..heehee..the things we do! :blush:

  4. this sounds great… but i think it would be li’l light for me….. and as far as i remember they dont have other sades in this πŸ˜• πŸ˜•

    • ya its nice one esp if you get it on discount it would be a cheap concealer πŸ™‚

      and bhumika it is creamy but i dont kw few ppl said its drying for them for me it was completely ok πŸ™‚

    • awww…i just swipe on my problem areas like under eyes and corner of the mouth..then i blend with my rig finger or concealor brush..

  5. Thanx Zara actually Biotique has given me good results but since it is greasy when i have to suddenly go out of house then i need to wash my wash.
    otherwise no qualms about it. so thgt of switching to fabindia

      • good morning Anamika. Cold has given way to wet cough.
        i read both fabindia and biotique.
        but couldn’t determine which performs better.

    • true…thats the only thing i dont like bout biotique..i have their sunscreen too and its so greasy and takes long to get absorbed πŸ™

    • hey Ani..i actually luv oriflame…not everythin works for me..and also most of the visions stuff doesnt work for me..i like other stuff like their night gel creme, their NPs, face masks n all…


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