Oriflame Beauty Eye liner Stylo Review


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Hi friends, I am back again with review of one more Oriflame product. This time its Oriflame Beauty Eye liner Stylo. Stylo….Classy name huh 😉 ! It is a sketch pen like liner which exactly look like a sketch pen :P. When I showed it to my mom even she said the same :laugh: . Eye liner Stylo is available in three colors: black, green and brown. I bought the black and the green one.


  • What does it Claim: Achieve extreme colour precision with this advanced ink liner. Its fine applicator delivers exact colour which dries in seconds. Plus its refreshing formulation doesn’t smudge or fade.
  • Price: INR 359/- for 16 mL (but I got this on BOGO offer :D) .


  • My experience: I am not very impressed by this stuff, not much disappointed though because I never expected great things from it. I can make a neat liner shape on my eye using this (of course, this is what it is meant for :P). The liners are decently pigmented but cannot be compared with the liquid liners. But when it comes to staying power, not quite good . It can stay for 4-5 hours after which it starts fading and if you tend to touch your eye often (like me) or rub, it will fade faster. Here’s how the product look like:

Oriflame eyeliner review stylo


The tip of the liner:

Oriflame Eyeliner Stylo Review

Now you know how easy it is to “draw” on your eye using this thing. Time for the swatch of the liners:


Swatches of Oriflame stylo eyeliner in green and brown

Green color looks more pigmented and beautiful than the black one. And this is how it looked when I rubbed it after drying with just one wipe with dry finger but very tightly:

Best Eyeliner Oriflame

See both colors look faded now out of which the green faded more and look smudged. Now test 2 :silly: . I put my hand into the running water for few seconds and this is how the swatches turned out.



Oriflme Under eyeliner

Again, green color washed out almost completely. Proceeding with the test, I wiped the swatches with my finger very lightly and they become complete disaster:

Orilfame eyes liner review


My research over 😛 and now I can conclude the pros and cons of the Eyeliner stylo.

What I liked about the Oriflame Eyeliner Stylo:

  • Easy to work with. If you are a beginner and want to get good liner shape on your eye, go for it, it won’t disappoint you.
  • Easy to identify the color as the whole liner is of the color if the ink.
  • Colors are decently pigmented.
  • Dries within seconds.
  • Green shade is pretty. I liked the color very much.
  • They have a shelf life of about 4-5 years.
  • Oriflame doesn’t test its products on animals.

What I didn’t like about the Eyeliner Stylo:

  • Expensive. I got it on “Buy one get one” but 359/- for one liner is not an attractive deal when there are lot better liners available in the market of good brands.
  • Staying power- It says that this doesn’t smudge or fade but my tests speak some other story. Doesn’t do what it claims :-/ .
  • Very narrow range of shades available- only three colors to choose from L.

Will I repurchase it?: Though the list of cons is not so long but the points it has are big enough to say no 😉 .

Honestly, I am not very disappointed with the product coz I did not have too much expectation from it and cumon there are many eyeliners which are not water proof or smudge proof but we still like them… one biggest example is elle 18 liners. But then again such liners are not supposed to be that much costly.

Oh by the way- Cheers for team INDIA :dance: :dance: .

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  1. Reminds me of felt pens we use for art :-/ And felt pens too fade the same way 😛
    Nice review Meenu :yes:
    Good morning Anamika ji :))

  2. hey i have used the lakme eye artist pen, oriflame’s pen eyeliner is similar to that but i feel lakme one is more intense black and stays for much more time :-/ :-/
    BTW, what is Bogo offer 😕 😕 meko ni pata!!

    • meko bhi nahi :confused::confused:

      yup lakme one is more intense but i wish meenu would have used it so that we could know the real difference:P

    • Bogo is Buy one get one 🙂
      And Anamika, now that you wished she had used both, she’ll add this to her list of gifts to be given by you to her :rotfl:

      • thanks maha… you guessed it 😀
        mika: already added to the list…. its high time u start complying to the list its getting longer …. n BTW bilkul sahi kaha k friendship me gifts nai lete….but exceptiona are always there.. here i am the exception 😀 😀


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