Oriflame Even Out Face Cream SPF20 Review


The Oriflame Even Out face cream comes in a good looking 50 ml pack. Super hydrating face cream with liquorice extract to lighten skin and rumex extract to help visibly reduce dark spots. This combating formula evens out your skin tone and can be used daily. 50ml. The cream has super hydrating formula with Liquorice extracts to lighten skin and rumex which help in the reduction of the spots and blemishes.

Oriflame even out face cream
Oriflame even out face cream

It is recommended for all skin types. It has to be ideally applied twice daily, but even a once a day application gives good results on my skin. The pack looks small, but it is very durable and goes on for 4-5 months. A small dab is more than enough for the entire face, as it spreads very easily.

Oriflame even out face cream review
Oriflame even out face cream producr review

As the name suggests, it is applicable for any one who has a skin with black marks or spots and blemishes. This could be due to hormonal changes, sun exposure or in my case chicken pox. The cream definitely lives up to the expectations as within 1-2 weeks of its application, I could see a remarkable decrease in the dark spots on my face.

Oriflame even out face cream review
Oriflame even out face cream producr review

The SPF of 20 is surely as bonus, because I don’t have to apply another dose of a sunscreen over my face. It has been almost 6 months I have been using it, and I intend to use it till Oriflame decides to discontinue the product, which I sincerely wish they don’t. In fact it has always been one of their “best seller” products since its launch.:)

My rating – :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

Nidhi is an oiflame consultant based in Delhi .If you are looking for oiflame products which can be delivered at your place then mail her at [email protected]

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  1. I happened to frop by Foodworld…picked up these face packs from Banjaras one is a Papaya facepack and another one od Cucumber one…the packaging looks much better than ther regular packs and these cost more than the older versions…like the look..lets see how they turn out to be…

  2. Hi All, I am a new user to this website 🙂 , and the reason i m here is even i wana know which is the nest fairness cream today in market. I had bleached my skin few days back and after a week i could notice my skin tone getting darker :shout: ……My skin has few dark spots as well , i did visit to my skin Dr and she has prescribed me a sunscreen lotion and capsules for Vit E for fairness. But i do not see much difference in my complexion :drunk: as it was much fairer before….. please advice what cream or soap or face pack can i use to get my real skin tone back…..


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