Oriflame Feet Up Overnight Moisturizing Foot Cream Review


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  • What does Oriflame product claims: Soften, soothe and improve the condition of your feet overnight with softening Avocado Oil and soothing Aloe Vera. Massage into feet at night and wake up the next morning to find them improved
  • Price of Feet Up Moisturizing Foot Cream: Price Rs 349
  • Ingredients:Aqua, cetearyl alcohol, urea, glycerin, caprylic/capric triglyceride, sodium cetearyl sulfate, ceteareth-12, imidazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben, dimethicone,parfum, panthenol, persea gratissima, limonene, aloe barbadensis extract, linalool,hexyl cinnamal


My experience with Oriflame  Feet Up Moisturizing Foot Cream


When the first saw the tube I was happy coz the tube was really huge.

Oriflame Feet Up Overnight Moisturizing Foot Cream IndiaThe cream is very moisturizing and easy to spread on the skin. It also get absorbed easily giving you good time for massage also. I like massaging my feet, it really relaxes me a lot after a day of work. And next morning I found my feet comparatively softer :)) . Sometimes I mix a drop of almond oil also in the cream to massage for long time and get almond oil benefits also :D.


oriflame feet up overnight moisturising foot creams+Indian mkaeup blogOne weird thing, it has mint smell though it doesn’t say anywhere that it has mint also :/. Anyways the smell is not over powering but very pleasant. All in all, I am satisfied with the cream. Even more since I got it for only Rs. 143  From the August flyer :dance: .

In the picture below it appears white but it’s not completely white in color. The cream is little translucent.

oriflame moisturising foot cream reviews+Indian makeup and beauty blog


What I liked about Feet Up Moisturizing Foot Cream


  • The cream is really moisturizing. Even very dry feet feel great with this.
  •  Mild fragrance.
  • Tube is big but still its travel friendly in the sense that there are no chances of breakage or spillage or leakage from the pack.
  • Get absorbed into the skin with little massage.
  • It makes your feet soft.
  • Available in discounts many times.

What I didn’t like about Feet Up Moisturizing Foot Cream

  • At MRP it may be a little pricey.
  • Won’t work for badly cracked feet.

 Will I Repurchase:  Yes.

You can read the review of Oriflame overnight moisturising foot  cream here 


  1. I have used the feetup exfoliating scrub, heel relief cream and feetup foot bath from Oriflame.. all are quite decent products and I liked all of them.. this one will be in my list next 🙂

      • Hehe… me too… i started caring for ma feet when they were in realllly bad condition but from that day on i pamper them regularly anf they innocently show me the results of my mehnat :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright:

  2. Hi Ana, Nice review……… I too have this , i really liked it very much, After applying it, i will wear socks and in the morning when i touch my feet, they are so soft and supple, its defntly worth a try for everyone :-))


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