Oriflame Giordani Gold Lash Fascination Mascara Brown Review

Who ever invented mascara might be a genius who knew what role the eye lashes play in adding beauty to a woman’s face.. Anyway, we girls are always looking for good mascaras doesn’t matter how many  mascara we already own. Same  is the case with me, after trying the mascaras from l`oreal and maybelline and even others from oriflame, i thought why not give it a shot. After all it claims to be a LASH FASCINATION MASCARA. After reading the word fascination in the name I  thought this might be something really fascinating and me being not much of a make up person ( though i love to own alot of stuff ;-)  Hehe!! ) don’t like a lot of dramatic look, I prefer natural look over it. So i decided to get it in brown so that it doesn’t give false lash appearance to my eye lashes.
  • PRICE: 590
  • AVAILABLE : In two shades, BLACK & BROWN.
  • PACKAGING: it comes in a golden tube with a cap same as the mascara shade, i got the brown cap one. it makes it easy to recognise if u have both the shades. It is very sturdy and travel friendly pack, slightly thicker than a pen.
  • APPLICATOR BRUSH: It comes with a very nice and different brush with short and hard bristles set apart from each other.
Oriflame Giordani mascara+Oriflame Giordani Gold Lash Fascination Mascara Brown
My Take On Oriflame Giordani Gold Lash Fascination Mascara Brown 
mascara wand+Oriflame Giordani mascara+Oriflame Giordani Gold Lash Fascination Mascara Brown
First of all the company should either change the name of the product or it’s quality. I wonder what were they thinking while naming it as lash fascination mascara..I  have seen many other mascaras which are a lot more fascinating than this one.But I must admit that this is a very good mascara for regular use. especially for the ones like me who don’t like much of a dramatic look on a regular basis. I can’t say that it’s water proof but it keeps it self protected from water to some extent. It adds a bit of length but not dramatic kinds. It’s just the perfect for everyday use.
Pros:-Oriflame Giordani Gold Lash Fascination Mascara Brown 
  • It’s just perfect for everyday use.
  • The applicator brush, it’s different from other mascara brushes, it creates that fanned look on ur lashes. which i like alot.
  • Doesn’t tend to form clumps.
  • Almost water proof.
Cons:-Oriflame Giordani Gold Lash Fascination Mascara Brown 
  • It doesn’t stand up to it’s name.
  • should have been water proof.
  • Doesn’t add lot of length to the lashes. People with short lashes will not enjoy this.
  • Too pricey for a product like this.
  • WILL I REPURCHASE IT: NO, not because i didn’t like this, but if i want a mascara for regular use i have many other brands which have mascaras better than this and ofcourse for a lot more cheaper. after all mascaras need to be thrown away after 3-4 months, and we all know we don’t like to spend alot on them especially for daily use ones.
  • WILL I RECOMMEND IT TO OTHERS:  To the ones who don’t like a lot of false lash look like me, but again, who would like to spend 600 bucks for some thing which is easily available in the market and for less amount.
  • Overall Rating -3.5/5
  • Packaging -2.5/5
  • Price Vs Quality – 2/5

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  1. Even ive always wondered what was so fascinating about this mascara…its so average and overpriced….its like oriflame version of Maybelline DAL….

    Really nice review Shale 🙂

  2. tht was an nice review shale. i also like natural looking lashes bt wudn’t spend so much on it. lot many other options available at half price actually 😉

  3. i personally find maybelline mascaras much better than these, what do u guys say? this one was seriously a dud.. uhh.. but i got it on offer at half price 😛 , so i haven’t wasted much on this.. 😀


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