Oriflame HairX Daily Care Leave-in Conditioner Review


Oriflame HairX Daily Care Leave-in Conditioner Review


Hi Girls,

I have been using Oriflame products for years and am in habit of trying out anything and everything they churn out. This leave-in conditioner was one such product I picked up especially because I’d heard a lot about leave-in conditioners on youtube and I wanted to see how it worked and Oriflame being a cheaper alternative it was a no brainer for me….or so I thought..Turns out, I shouldn’t have thought at all!

Oriflame HairX leave-in conditioner review + hair protection

About Oriflame HairX Daily Care Leave-in Conditioner

Effective spray with HydraPlus complex that helps to take away tangles and leaves hair hydrated, less frizzy and less flyaway. Spray onto damp, just-washed hair and don’t rinse. Make it part of your daily hair care routine!


  • To Use: Spray onto damp, just-washed hair and don’t rinse. Make it part of your daily hair care routine.

Oriflame HairX leave-in conditioner review + hair conditioner reviews


  • Quantity: 150ml
  • Price: 298INR


My experience with Oriflame HairX Daily Care Leave-in Conditioner

  • Packaging –This conditioner is housed in a tall, light sky blue colored spray bottle with a tiny transparent plastic cap which has a penchant to fall off anytime and everytime. If Oriflame thought this was to be travel friendly, they were very very sadly mistaken!
  • Color –The conditioner is a clear, colorless liquid with a tiny bit of foam in it.
  • Fragrance – It has a mild aqua fragrance.

Oriflame HairX leave-in conditioner review + nourishing conditioner


  • Usage –I use this after towel drying my hair a bit. I spray it directly on my hair mainly at the tips. Then after 5-10mins or so I take a comb to my mane to comb it out.

Does it work?

Heck no! This is the worst product ever from Oriflame. I don’t even know what they were thinking. This is nothing but water with some chemicals in it! It doesn’t detangle the hair or even de-tangle them. Infact, after 10mins of applying this, my hair feels a bit plastic-y…It doesn’t even lend a little shine to my hair..

Oriflame HairX leave-in conditioner review + hair conditioner


I’ve trying used a tiny amount…I’ve even tried using a large amount. But still no change. My tangles are just as snarly as always and I run of risk of losing my comb in them!


Pros of Oriflame HairX Daily Care Leave-in Conditioner:-

  • Absolutely nothing!


Cons of Oriflame HairX Daily Care Leave-in Conditioner:-

  • Pricey for a product which doesn’t even work!
  • Doesn’t detangle the hair
  • Doesn’t add shine either
  • Doesn’t soften the hair like conditioners are meant to.



  • Shine Factor: 0/5
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 0/5


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  1. waise bhi nehi kharidta…………….. 😛 ………………….. packaging se lagta hai its so good………………… but bad…………………..thanks yaar……. …………………. i use habib’s serum……. :-))

    • this was such a disappointment…it wud have been ok if theeffects were minimal or somethin..but this does absolautle nothing! its just foam water!

  2. i have had very bad experience with oriflame’s hair care range product before….so i never use any of their hair care range products..though some of their products are very good(especially foot care range)

    • I actually have used a couple of their shampoos and conditioners b4 and really liked them…thats y i dint hesitate to buy this..but its such a worthless product.. 🙁

      i do agree tho..their footcare range is quite nice…gr8 for skin softening…

    • haha! ur hair isnt bad at all Mits 🙂

      i use the trichup oil..havnt tried the shampoo or conditioner…they r really that gud?

  3. ohgod!!! I almost ordered this n then changed my mind. Thanks for this review Z. What a dud! They shud hav sum kinda cash back policy for such products. :guns:

    • thank god u dint get this! ud have nothin but sad limpy hair…useless this is…

      i do wish they had a cash back..id luv to go to the maker infact and ask him/her to use it and tell me how on earth they thought this wud work..

  4. Happy New Year to all wise she girls .Happy new year Anamika, Zara and the ladies of wise she.Hope the year brings loads of cosmetics for you guys 🙂 :-))

    • Happy New Year Paro!! 🙂

      sacchi…i think anyone who dint get this r extremely lucky and saved up on getting murky soap water! 😉

    • yes..they;ve gone loony…i dont undertsand the logic behind this product..anyone wid half..no 1/4 of a brain wud realise that this formula is a fake…nothing but soap water in a spray bottle..

  5. You saved me money !. I’m looking for a neat leave in conditioner and was almost going to get this one from oriflame.One of the aunties i know keeps sending this oriflame book to me ! Only once i bought those color attraction lipstick and they were so bad with lasting time of minutes. after that i sweared off oriflame. Its overrated and under-performing products. The few samples i tried of eyeshadows were so disappointing.The skin care is costly and worst – no ingredients lists in those oriflame books. I think they survive on pure gimmick !

    • I Know these aunties sometime gets too pressurizing and i hate that..and this is one of the reason i never thought of becoming a rep.

  6. i have this and it completely dried out my hair. i bought it as a replacement of my serum, when i ran out of it by a friendly Oriflame dealer…she was so convinced that i was convinced it’ll work. i spritzed it on and after 2-3 weeks i notices my ends are totally dry & brittle…i wanted to shove it in her face!! :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff:

    thanks Zee for the article!! its TERRIBLE 🙁

  7. Hi i.m a beauty consultant in oriflame n i have personally observed tht oriflame hair products are not upto the mark i use only wella but there are people who use them and yet get the benefits as per my observation we should avoid oriflame for hair


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