Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream Review


You know what I love most about this cream?? I bet you’ll never guess :shy:. I love that the words fairness, whitening, brightening and blah are not written on the tub :cute:. It honestly is such a relief since I really do not want to get any whiter :ghost:. I have a lot of blemishes caused by acne and I usually end up buying lightening creams to treat the spots and even out my skin tone. The word “fairness” makes me cringe and it is for this reason that I have never-ever used “Fair & Lovely” 😛

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Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream Review

About Oriflame Optimal Even Out Day Cream:-


First sign of ageing is usually uneven tone of complexion, not the wrinkles. Hyperpigmentation is a common problem as the skin gets older and there are variety of conditions that cause dark spots to develop; including freckles, age and liver spots caused by sun exposure or pigmentation that may result from hormonal changes. To prevent hyperpigmentation and even the skin tone, Oriflame’s scientists have created the Optimals Even Out Range to reveal uniform and luminous skin. Even out Formula with Liquorice Extract and Vitamin C has been clinically proven to reduce appearance of dark spots.

The gentle yet effective cream has been developed especially to help reduce and prevent hyperpigmentation and protect the skin against photo-ageing. Its unique lightening formula helps slow down melanin uneven production to reveal radiant, even tone of complexion. The skin is instantly illuminated and hydrated all day long. Dermatologically tested.

  • Quantity: 50 ml / 1.6 fl.oz.
  • Price: INR 790
  • Shelf life: 3 years from mfg date
  • Directions: Apply using light sweeping movementsevery morning to perfectly cleansed face and neck.Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream Review+ oriflame skincare


  • Packaging: The cream comes in a heavy glass jar that is broad at the base and narrower at the mouth. But the mouth is wide enough to pick up product easily without having to dig deep into the tub. Also, the tub is quite shallow. It has a plastic screw cap and is hence very travel friendly. The mouth of the jar comes sealed with foil and this assures us that the product is fresh and untouched. The jar comes in an outer cartoon with the complete list of ingredients. There is also a small pamphlet inside which depicts the product claims in around 36 different languages. But no Hindi (yes, I checked 😛 ) So, this means we’re either not important enough or they just assumed that all Indians who buy Oriflame products would be well versed in English :nerd:
  • Color & Consistency: It is pure white in color and has a slightly whipped, gel-crème consistency.
  • Fragrance: It has an exotic floral fragrance and is quite heavily perfumed. But I love the scent and don’t mind that it’s strong even though I have a sensitive nose.

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Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream Review+ oriflame skincare+ day cream

My experience with Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream:

This cream is marked as a “best-seller” in the Oriflame catalogue for as long as I can remember. I was not sure if it sells more because it is marked so, or because it really lives up to its claims 😛 Anyway, I decided to find out for myself.

The cream feels lightweight when you scoop it out of the jar. It spreads easily and what I really like is that there is absolutely no white cast. Most lightening creams especially those that contain SPF give a mask-effect. But this does not do that even when applied heavily. Once applied, it does not sink into the skin at all! How much ever I massage the cream and however long I wait after application, the cream just sits on top of my skin :pain:. I find it extremely greasy since I have super oily skin and this hydrates wayyy too much. My skin feels sticky and so I always put on a heavy layer of loose powder each time I use this, else I’d end up looking like a moist Rasgullah (that’s an Indian sweet, in case u didn’t know 😛 ) I use this cream only when I’m at home and don’t use it when I go out for fear of excess oil secretion. Those with dry skin will adore how moisturizing this is and you could probably skip both moisturizer as well as sunscreen since this has SPF 20.

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Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream Review+ oriflame


I noticed a difference in my skin after the very first use. I thought it must be co-incidence or the effect of some other product combined. The second time too I noticed that my skin looked brighter and more radiant. I’ve been using this cream for about 4 months now and I can vouch that it surely lightens the complexion and fades blemishes. It evens out skin tone and makes pores appear smaller and refined. The overall texture and clarity of my skin has improved to a great extent. It even helped to fade the dark patch around my mouth.

In my quest to banish blemishes, I have tried quite a few creams from quite a few brands and this is the best so far. Most lightening creams have temporary effects and skin looks fine while you’re using them. But if you skip using it even for a day skin goes back to where you started from. But this cream gives more permanent results. Skin looked equally good even when I skipped using the cream for 2 to 3 days.

I like this so much that I was considering getting the night cream in this range. But then I thought, if the Day cream is so rich, I can’t even begin to imagine what the Night cream would feel like :-/. As it is, my face looks oily as hell when I wake up, and with a rich night cream, you could probably deep-fry samosas on my face in the morning. Okay, now I just gave myself a craving for samosas :starving:

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Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream Review+ day cream

What I like about OriflameOptimals EvenOut Day Cream:-


  • Tub comes sealed and with an outer carton with complete product details
  • Travel-friendly
  • Light texture that spreads easily
  • No white cast
  • Intensely hydrating and will suit those with dry skin really well
  • Has SPF 20
  • Contains Liquorice extract and Vitamin C
  • Lightens and brightens skin tone to a great extent
  • Blemishes and spots start fading within a week
  • Shrinks and refines pore size
  • Lovely, exotic floral fragrance
  • One tub will last for 4 to 5 months easily
  • Available on discount

What I don’t like about OriflameOptimals Even Out Day Cream:-


  • Cream does not get fully absorbed and just sits on top of the skin
  • It claims to suit all skin types, but those with oily skin will find this overly hydrating and greasy
  • Some may not like that it is strongly perfumed
  • Contains Silicones and every imaginable Paraben 😛
  • Pricey (but since it lasts long, this can be overlooked)

Rating: 4.7/5

Final thoughts on Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream:-


I am highly impressed by the effectiveness of this cream. This is a wonder cream for those with blemishes, spots and dark patches. It may not completely erase all blemishes, but it surely lightens them to a great extent. But I find it overly greasy and I reeeeally wish they’d launch a non-greasy variant specifically developed for oily skin :fingersxd:

Have you tried the Oriflame Optimals Even Out Day Cream?


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  1. Same pinch on our skin types Nafi 😛 You can fry Medu Vadai on my face early in the morning 😛
    Sounds like a good product .. I have my last line of blemishes left.. and lets not forget the PMS induced ones.. I wouldn’t mind giving this a try at all 🙂

      • :reallyangry: Veryme peachme perfect glow, Giordhani mineral foundation, cream blush, etc all broke me out extremely… and you know the foundation shades of oriflame never suits dusky skin girls…
        I love the deo range fm them :inlove:

        • i agree bout the foundation shades Radha…they’re too light n suit european skin better. Too bad peach me broke u out. I have highly acne -prone skin but i never had any probs with it.

    • I’ve been wanting to use this at night but am too scared since it has silicone n SPF. Didn’t it break u out? Or is it coz u don’t have problematic skin?

    • For me, it’s not an option even in winters! Had i known it’s so greasy , i wudnt have bought it. But now that i did, am so glad it’s workin so well 🙂

  2. i’m using this cream for 1 week and i have dry skin type..im getting whiteheads on my cheeks and above eyebrows..shal i discontinue this or will it get adptd for ma skin???anyone helpppp

  3. Wow, v nice review. V informative. Thank you sooo much.

    I’m thinking of buying this because of my spots on my face.

  4. The product is ok but I found it a lil too expensive for its results. The same result can be achieved using other creams too which are less expensive.

    But I want to highlight that I had a terrible customer service experience from Dresly in Laitumkhrah, Shillong from whom I bought it. I got adverse reaction and no one helped me neither dresly (the consultant) nor Oriflame customer service. customer service is v poor. So please don’t buy anything from dresly – Oriflame consultant.


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