Oriflame Oxygen Boost Foundation Review and Swatch


Hi everyone.

Today I am going to do the review of “Oriflame Oxygen Boost Foundation ” in shade  Porcelain ,code- 18373 . First let me tell you about my skin type, I  have normal skin with fair colour and i am neutral under-toned. I am using this foundation since past 2-3 months and I must say i am totally in a love-hate relation with it. Want to know why,then read on-

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oriflame oxygen boost foundation review+best foundation for oily skin

  •  Price– 479 / 30ml
Available Shades-
  •  Porcelain - Code:18373 (lightest)
  •  Natural Ivory - Code:18374(fair)
  •  Natural Beige - Code:18375 (medium)
  •  Sand - Code:18376 (dusky)

My Experience with Oriflame Oxygen Boost Foundation

oriflame oxygen boost foundation review+best foundation for dry skin

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 Pros of Oriflame Oxygen Boost Foundation-
  • The first thing i love about this foundation is the way it glides smoothly on skin.So,blending is so easy and perfect.
  •  It gives medium coverage.Since I don’t need much coverage,just a smoother skin,i really like it.
  •  It provides a glowy finish,not the matte.But as i love that fresh look,it works perfectly for me.
  •  Very little product is needed to cover the face and neck, 2 pea size drops for me 🙂
  •  It stays about 4-5 hours after which skin looks a little dull.
  • It has not broke me out yet.I think being a light weight foundation there are less chance of it  blocking pores.
  •  It does not give the dreaded “white cast” on application like some foundations do.
  •  It comes in a pump action -bottle,so very hygiene and travel friendly.
 Cons of Oriflame Oxygen Boost Foundation-
  • for me it is quite pricier.
  •  Contains no SPF.
  •  The pump deliver quite a bit more foundation,so you have to push the pump with slight pressure to get smaller amount.
  •  Since the bottle is opaque,you can not see from outside  how much product is left; you have to unscrew the pump and see inside it.
  •  It will not survive the summer heat. Once i used it and i had to go out from morning till afternoon,when i check my makeup i noticed that my foundation is somehow washed away with all the facial sweating 🙁  very disappointing,as i thought it will last longer than my previous foundations.
  •  I guess it is not water proof since nothing is mentioned on the bottle about this.And it does wash away easily if you splash your face with plain water.
oriflame oxygen boost foundation review+oriflame oxygen boost foundation swatch
So after considering all these factors,i am not going to buy it again.I have about one quarter product left in the bottle,so once this is finished i will try some other brand.It is not a great foundation considering its price.So you can easily skip it.I am really very disappointed  with oriflame 🙁

Have you tried Oriflame Oxygen Boost Foundation?


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  1. Which foundations in India are sweat / waterproof ? Good to know about the Oriflame one, was about to order the same soon. I live in Dubai and here anything on ur face can get washed out with sweat!!!

  2. Oh thanks for the review coz I always wanted to get this, but I am not at all comfortable with buying Foundis without trying on. Am too scared to buy the wrong shade 🙁

  3. I actually liked this one… It wasn’t like one of my favourite, but still wasn’t that bad… But It was on some kind of discount so I paid it 3 Euros or something 🙂 . For that price it’s not that bad 🙂

  4. I actually like the foundation very much! Since I live in the north of Sweden where it’s cold most of the time, I don’t have to worry about sweat washing it away and that it has no SPF. It doesn’t feel oily on your skin either, so that’s a big plus. 🙂


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