Oriflame Pure Color On The Go Lipstick in Vintage Nude Review & Swatches


Oriflame Pure Color On The Go Lipstick in Vintage Nude – Review & Swatches

I love 2.5gm lippies!! Who finishes a full 4 gm lippie anyway?? :-/ Don’t we get bored of the color halfway and even if I do love a particular color, I’d rather finish up a mini lippie and buy a fresh one rather than have a full-sized lipstick for 2 or more years. I really do wish every brand would introduce these. Avon used to have mini lippies in an amazingly sturdy packaging that was of amazing quality. But that was like 5 or more years ago and I cannot understand for the life of me why they discontinued it :struggle:

Oriflame Pure Color On The Go Lipstick in Vintage Nude – Review & Swatches+nude lippie

About Oriflame Pure Color On The Go Lipstick In Vintage Nude

Smooth, conditioning lipstick in a huge spectrum of colors. Bold shades, creamy texture.

  • Quantity: 2.5 gms
  • Price: INR 99
  • Packaging:- Packaging is very basic: black plastic casing with a transparent lid. The lid shuts tight and will not open up in your purse. It is quite flimsy and develops cracks over time. There was no outer carton and it did not come sealed. But I guess this is all you can expect for the price tag.

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Oriflame Pure Color On The Go Lipstick in Vintage Nude – Review & Swatches+oriflame coral lipsticks

  • Shade  Vintage Nude - The shade Vintage Nude may look a bit like concealer in the tube. The strange thing about this shade is that it looks pale pink when swatched on the arm. In fact, most of the reviews that I’d seen online described this as a nude pink and that’s precisely why I bought it. But on the lips, this is a sheer peach and it exactly matches my lip color (yes, my lips are kinda pale :-P). It looks amazingly natural and I love it! I always reach out for this when in doubt. It’s a great shade to pair with smoky eyes but it may wash out duskier skin tones.
  • Texture: - It is super smooth and creamy as claimed.  It glides easily onto the lips and there’s absolutely no tugging required. It is quite moisturizing and there is no need for a lip balm underneath this. It doesn’t settle into fine lines and application is even.

Oriflame Pure Color On The Go Lipstick in Vintage Nude – Review & Swatches+ oriflame make up

  • Fragrance:-It has quite a waxy, artificial taste. It is not as bad as the Lipmania lipsticks and isn’t very over powering. It doesn’t bother me much now (though I have a sensitive nose) but those who prefer fragrance-free lipsticks may find the taste a bit cloying.
  • Pigmentation:Pigmentation is very sheer. The color can be built up in a couple more swipes. But the problem with this particular shade is that, when worn heavily, it can make you look like you have no lips at all. So it is best to stick to one or more swipes. This shade will not completely hide lip pigmentation.
  • Staying power:-The lasting power is very poor. It barely lasts for two hours. It also disappears without a trace and leaves no tint behind. But I’ve heard that the darker shades in this range stay put longer.

Swatches Of Oriflame Pure Color On The Go Lipstick Vintage Nude:-

Oriflame Pure Color On The Go Lipstick in Vintage Nude– Review & Swatches+nude daily wear lipsticks make up

What I like about Oriflame Pure Color Vintage Nude Lipstick:-

  • Handy, tiny size that will fit into the smallest of purses and pockets
  • Application is smooth & creamy and glides easily onto the lips
  • Quite moisturizing and does not require a lip balm underneath
  • Sheer and glossy coverage
  • Does not settle into fine lines
  • Peachy nude color that matches my lip color thus looks very natural
  • Great to pair with smoky eyes/ heavy eye-makeup
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Comes in a variety of shades to suit everyone’s needs
  • Same shades are also available in 4gms :yes:
  • As if the price wasn’t cheap enough, it is also available on offer often

What I don’t like about Oriflame Pure Color Vintage Nude Lipstick:

  • Ingredients list is not mentioned
  • Lipstick does not come sealed
  • Flimsy packaging
  • Odd flavor
  • Lasting power is poor for this particular shade. (Darker shades have been known to last a bit longer)
  • This shade will not hide lip pigmentation and may wash out dusky skin tones
  • Rating: Considering the price Vs Quality I’d say 4/5

Notice how the arm swatch appears entirely different?  Looks pale pink ?:-)

Oriflame Pure Color On The Go Lipstick in Vintage Nude – Review & Swatches+coral peachy lip sticks

  • Final Verdict:

These lipsticks are great for the price and I totally recommend it. It is also good for those who want to experiment with new shades but don’t want to invest in a pricey/ full sized lipstick. If you can overlook the lasting power, I would say this is a must-have! :yes:

Have you tried Oriflame Pure Color On The Go Lipstick Vintage Nude?

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  1. LOVELY Review..Nafi! :yippee: :lipstick:
    ! i will check out in other shades in this range for sure.. but not this one..as m afraid it will wash me out… Even i agree its pretty easieer to finish tiny miny lippies! 😉 :-* :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :lipstick:

  2. nice review nafisa… quality seems to be so good, as u said no need of lip gloss underneath and it doesnt settle in the fine lines.. but it wont suit my skin tone.. thanks for the review nafii..

  3. i had tried this shade but it washed me out… :-((
    my mom has d darkest purple shade in shade…it stays for around 3 hours n leaves light fuschia tint….

    :yes: :yes:

  4. such a gorgeous shade nafssssssss :inlove: :inlove: sach mei first zee now u jalao us wid such beautiful shade which will wash us out..not fair 😀 😀 😛

  5. Zeeee u’ll totally rock this shade…am darn sure!! :hug-makeup: Btw…it’s more peach than pink on me…thank god for that 🙂

  6. Avon Moisture seduction raspberry is very close to this one naf and i love it for days when i am in a no makeup mood. looks natural, glossy and healthy on the lips. 😀 n i agree.I want mini lippys too 😎

  7. lovely colour Naffy, and I totally miss the Avon 2.5 gm wala packs. I used to love two colours there- Maple Dazzle and Moist Mocha… both were so perfect.

  8. i picked the shade coral pink from this range.. and i so..so.. hate this lipstick…

    not moisturising, settles into lines.. on top of it … A CORAL SHADE WASHED ME OUT! 😥

    its just sleeping in my vanity… happy tat its suiting u! 😀

  9. dis is such a b’ful color Isa!! ‘m gonna order it 4 sure 😀

    Btw, do u know a good nude color like dis in matte wid a longg staying power n inxpensive too? 😛


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