Oriflame Soft Coral Lipstick Review & Swatches


Oriflame Soft Coral Lipstick Review

Hi All,

 I bought this along with the Cherry Blossom Nail Polish last month. It looked so vibrant and inviting in the catalogue that I grabbed it immediately.

 I’m currently going through a bought of lip allergy so I can’t take any pics of lippies on my lips. I initially thought I’d review this later, but considering thisis a limited Edition Lippy I decided to swatch it atleast so you can check

Oriflame Soft coral lipstick+Coral colour lipstick Oriflamek it out and take a call.

Oriflame Soft coral lipstick

  • Size: 4gms
  • Price: 398 INR

About Oriflame Soft Coral Lipstick:

  • Packaging: This lipstick comes in Oriflame’s Limited Edition packaging which is a Light creamy green plastic cylindrical tube with a tiny flowered pattern on the lid. Its sturdy enough and  travel friendly as well


Oriflame Soft coral lipstick_tube

  • Color, Coverage & Pigmentation: In the tube, this looks like a soft red shade and I thought this would be an opaque and vibrant shade like the Nail Paint. Hehe…Thank god it isn’t. This is a gorgeous soft Coral Red shade which can never look OTT and is a semi opaque shade which would cover minor pigmentation as well.
  • Texture: The lipstick is very smooth and creamy. It doesn’t have any shimmer but has a glossy finish as opposed to the Matte finish the previous Country Limited Edition they had come out with. This is much better and ideal for gals of any age.  It doesn’t settle into the fine lines of my lips and this is one of the reasons why I really like this.
  • Fragrance: This lipstick has a very mild floral fragrance..but its so negligible that I’m tempted to say this is fragrance free! Hehe…
  • Staying Power: This can be the only negative of this lippy. It doesn’t stay for more than an hour on my lips. It does leave a nice coral tint on my lips but even that doesn’t last! Hehe…

Oriflame Soft coral lipstick_tube

Although the staying power is sad, I have to say this shade has really won me over. This is a shade I’d advice to all those who like coral shades, but are too conscious to try it for fear of the shade being too bright. This is perfect for college goers as well as office gals.

What I like about Oriflame Soft Coral Lipstick:

  • The LE packaging is very cute
  • Shade is unlike one I’ve seen before.
  • Glossy finish as opposed to matte finishes which I stay away from
  • Sturdy packaging and travel friendly.
  • Good for those who like medium coverage lippies
  • Doesn’t settle into the fine lines
  • Perfect starter shade for those who want to try corals but are too scared of doing so.

Oriflame Soft coral lipstick_swatch

What I don’t like about Oriflame Soft Coral Lipstick:

  • Staying Power is genuinely sad. Such a pretty shade deserves more.


  • Pigmentation: 3.5/5
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Staying Power: 3/5
  • Availability: 4.5/5
  • Price vs. Value: 3.5/5
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    • i agree…its so cute and i really liked the color too….but staying power suck all the joy out of it….its for college goers who can touch up evry 45mins or so…

      • hehe mujhe yaad hai..class ke bich we used to run to d wash room,lip gloss laga ke, baal waal thik karke aate the :evilgrin: ..best days of lyf :-))

  1. Zaraaaa :-* missin ur lip swatch 🙁 such a pretty shade also deservd ur lip swatch yaar :smug: i dunno whether i’ll b able to wear such pretty wale shades or not :(( :duh: :-/

    • i also missed lip swatching..hehe..but kya kre…my lip allergy is taking very long to subside :(( tab tak swatch se hi kaam chala lo 😉

        • which balm did u use?

          my allergy is a weird one…i get this sort of allergy only twice a yr…one at the beginning of winnter and 2nd at the end of winter…it takes such a looong time to get ok…i keep them moisturized and all but cant us elippies in this time…just imagine A…everyday i look at the new wale inglot lippies and i cant try even one!

  2. Nice lipstick 🙂 🙂 But still It would have more staying power 🙁 At present I am using Attitude candy pink lipstick 😀 :D.. umm… Would love to try this oriflame one too.. 🙂 Nice review!!

  3. The shade does look gorgeous and pretty packaging too…but sad that it doesnt last long 🙁

    And you pretty lady…recover soon from your allergy..I just suffered mine for about 2 months all coz of Lakme lip palette 😮

    • Hi Poorni! how r u doin?

      yeps the shade is so pretty na? hope they re vamp the formula so its better….

      thanx for the wishes..i need to recover from this soon..everytime i get this allergy its such a long drawn out thing that it gets on my nerves…m sick n tired of walkin around with sore lips.. Grrr…

      the lakme lip palette gave u an allergy??? gosh thats bad…i dint have a bad reaction to it at all thank god…how did u go thru it for 2mts??

    • haha! yes..i shud tell my boss that i want t stay for a bit at chennai coz i have my blog pal there….haha! she’ll kick me out pronto!

  4. awww…lip allergies suck!
    I am no expert but I have had my share of lip problems and I was once told sometimes the lip allergies are a result of vitamin deficiencies . I ignored the person who said this (ahem…the husband of course). But then he prescribed me something and it worked.
    Just a thought.

    PS: I hate it when the husband is right 😛

  5. Hey Zee… what a nice color.. miss your pout though 🙁 No lippe review of yours is complete without the pout… ma’m poutmati :-* :-* :-*
    I likt this color… i think its something i would like to try (though frankly am mortified of reds)!!! If only i could find an oriflame rep 🙁

    • haha! thanx Mals…i hope my allergy dissipates soon…the allergy is the reason y m not doing many lipstick or gloss reviews lately..everyone will run away after one look at my lips! haha!

      u shud just try this…especially if ur scared of such shades….coz this is so sheer absolutely non-threatening…the swatch is also after multiple swipes…so its a fool proof safe shade…

  6. Am I the only one who thinks the packaging is juvenile…it looks like a 10 year old’s first lipstick! :sidefrown:

    The color is so pretty..Z, jaldi se heal your lips and then show some lip swatches please 🙂

    • haha!!! i think its cute….and yes it does remind me of my childhood! of when mumma used to get me kiddy wale lippies to satisfy my urge to be like her.. 😉

      Me too hoping my lips heal soon 🙂

      when r ur papers finishing swats?

  7. Cute packaging. I forgot it was green until u mentioned it. The color looked so red in the brochure that i flipped the page widout a second look. But this shade is so lovely. N yeah…really missin ur lip swatch zara. Hope they heal soon 🙂

  8. I am fine Zara,how ar things at yr end?
    I guess it resembles Faces moisture rich “first lady” a bit that I bought recently. :idk:

    And yeah Ana, I read the review… but I don’t understand why the lipsticks claimed having 2-3 hours of stay too don’t last long on my lips these days. :struggle:


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