Oriflame Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm Review


Oriflame Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm

Hello girls
Today I am going to review one of Oriflame skin care product called ‘Oriflame Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm’. I have used so many lip creams like Lotus, Nivea, Fabindia, Maybelline.Infact I keep trying different brands everytime.When I saw this lip balm on offer, I immediately ordered this Cherry variant.As a Limited Edition, Oriflame keeps introducing new flavours like Almond, Chocolate, Coconut etc. My consultant told me that these are Hot Cakes next to Milk & Honey soap. Lets see how this worked for me.


Oriflame Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm Review+the balm reviews


  • Price: Rs.199 for 15 ml (I got it for Rs.99 on offer!!)
  • Shelf Life: 3 years from the date of manufacture
  • About Patanjali Aloe Vera gel
  • Usage Instructions:An all-round cream to be gently applied to any area of the skin that is dry, rough or sore.

About Oriflame Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm:-

A totally versatile pot of magic based on bees wax and vegetable oils. Use on sides of eyes, lips, face, cuticles or any area which is dry, sore or roughened to instantly restore softness.


Oriflame Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm Review name+soft lips


My Experience on Oriflame Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm:-


One skin care essential that I always carry with me is the Lip balm.The balm comes in a cute tiny cherry coloured tub.It has a tight screw type cap with a beautiful silver coloured logo of Oriflame. The packing is extremely travel friendly and could fit into your smallest purse even.Though the jar is very small, the mouth of the jar is wide enough to dip your finger to scoop out required quantity.


Oriflame Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm Review Package+oriflame tender care


The texture of the lip balm is very smooth and glides easily over lips.The balm is translucent and on application it feels so light.Ususally I swipe my finger couple of times on the product and glide it on my lips and I am done for 5-6 hours.After that you may need to reapply.Its got a very mild fragrance which is not bothersome.The best part about this lip balm is that it could be used to treat dry spots on face, cuticle, elbow, ankle etc.Overall I completely love this product and shall stick to this for a longer time.



Oriflame Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm Review Swatch+the best lip balm


What I like about Oriflame Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm:

  • Treats chapped and dry lips
  • Cute packing
  • Keeps lips and dry spots hydrated
  • Non greasy and light textured
  • Travel friendly

What I don’t like about Oriflame Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm:

  • Available only through Oriflame consultants
  • Pricey if you dont get it on discount

Would I recommend Oriflame Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm?
Surely do! It is such a awesome multipurpose product and a must have in your vanity case.


Have you tried Oriflame Tender Care Cherry Protecting Balm?

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  1. Oooh one more Oriflame product, seems now is the time to renew my distributorship . Ab temptation control nahi ho raha 😛

  2. I luv this range..I liked d caramel one a lot…never tried this..actually my consultant left oriflame ka Kaam..to now no access to oriflame.. 🙁

  3. oh why did she….: ( waise there r lot of oriflame community on facebook…you can easily get access to their products now 🙂

  4. My mother is an oriflame consultant. and it has really great products. all the lip balms etc and specially this tender care is really helpful..i love it too..

  5. I bought this product last yr during winters …chapped lips is the one issue that I really hate during winters but with this product the problem was completely solved. Great review dear, its an awesome product indeed 🙂

  6. I like this cream very much. It is very effective particularly for dark skin near elbow and knee. One of my friend recommended this product and since then I’m using this product. Its my favorite 🙂

  7. Hey! I was wondering how do I check the expiry date of my Tender Care? It is mostly supplied by some woman and she almost never gives it in the packet and there is no telling about the expiry date of the product now.


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