Oriflame The One lash Resistance Mascara Review


Oriflame The One lash Resistance Mascara

Hi Gorgeous People, As you all know my love for eye makeup in my previous posts and Today I am going to review

Oriflame The One Lash Resistance Mascara I had read lot of positive reviews of this product but what doesn’t work just doesn’t work. Read further that how it failed on me although I was promised lot of things by the lady who sold me this.

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You might find that my lashes looked pretty curled up but this is because I naturally have nice curled lashes..Just to make it little more clear to you.

Packaging: The packaging of Oriflame The One lash Resiastance Mascara is nothing very attarctive or fancy unlike other brands mascara tubes. It comes in a purple-gray colored tube with the name written in Black. The Mascara tube is symmetric in shape from both ends. So it is quite boring and little dull, I wish they’d spiced it up a liittle to make it more eye catching. Anyhow, it has a good quality mascara wand which is designed to separate lashes and add good volume and length to lashes. Brush is easy to use and has soft bristles which is not at all harsh on to your eyes.

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Price: 499 INR for 8ml.

Texture: Oriflame The One Lash Resistance Mascara is neither too runny nor thick and the consistency of this mascara is good enough to cover each lash. Its jet black in color and the texture is little drying and flaky which might be trouble for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It also has beeswax as a major ingredient which keep lashes moisturized to good amount of time. Ultimately It is an average mascara that gives moderate curls that stays 5-6 hours .

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My Experience with Oriflame The one lash Resistance Mascara

I am a true Mascara Lover and fond of trying new mascaras. When I got this mascara from a local Oriflame agent she told me it is very good mascara at this price and best of among all which are available in the market as all sales person do ! 😀 Anyway, I have good experience with other oriflame products so i thought to give it a shot. When I first applied, it seemed I have done nothing to my lashes and it irritated my eyes like anything. It clumps easily and ends up giving artificial looking lashes.

I now have stopped using this mascara. It is waterproof as a mentioned above so you will need a good eye makeup remover to remove this mascara. It might work for some but didn’t work for me. I am definitely not going to recommend you people. Its better to invest in something better.

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What I like about Oriflame The One Lash Resistance Mascara?

  • Affordable
  • Easily available in the market
  • Good Quantity for the price.
  • Jet Black in Color
  • Contains beeswax as a major ingredient.

oriflame mascara12+oriflame mascara shades

What I dislike about Oriflame The One Lash Resistance Mascara?

  • Drying texture.
  • Not meant for Sensitive eyes or Contact Lense Wearers.
  • Quality is not satisfying for the price.
  • Packaging is not that attractive.
  • Get Clumps easily if applied more than 2 coats
  • Moderate curling and lengthening effect.

Rating: 2.5/5

Until Next time Take care peeps! 🙂

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