Oriflame Very Me Clickit Eyeliner Grey Review & Swatches


I like Oriflame and some of the company’s products. Recently I picked up a couple of things from a friend who is a rep, and one of them was this eyeliner. The grey color called to me, and I ran after it (yes, I know, I am very vulnerable to temptation, and I swear, this is the last of it). So, I decided to run it through my four-step acid test, and see how it is.


Oriflame Very me Click it Eyeliner

  • Price: 169/-
  • Quantity: 3.5 ml.

What Oriflame has to say about these liners:-

Glossy eyeliner in electrifying shades and means all eyes are on you. Glides on smoothly for super-precise lines. Combine with Clickit mascara for an ultra-glamorous look.

I have to say, I was not too impressed by the packaging. The idea is, you have to buy two of these products, and a connector, and connect the two with the connector, so that they are together, and can be used both at home and on the go. As I had also bought a lip stain, I paid the extra money and got the connector. However, after I reached home, I decided to use the eyeliner.


Oriflame Very Me Click It Eyeliner + Grey


For me, any liner I buy need to go through an acid test – applicator, pigmentation, staying power and removability. The applicator in this case is small, and slightly difficult to apply, but not too shabby. I like the thin applicator itself, which can help me draw a thick or a thin line, as I like it. That really helps me when I am trying to put makeup on the go, or in a hotel bathroom, or something similar. I have carried this and the lipstain around, and both of them are good, to say the very least. The color of the eyeliner is a true shade of grey, lovely in fact, and I quite like it. It has tiny shimmers in it, that cannot be detected, but it is noted when I try to remove it.


Oriflame Very Me Liner+ Grey +Swatch


The staying power is average, about 5-6 hours, after which this fades slightly. However, given the price and all, it is not too bad, I daresay. It does not irritate my eyes, which is a big plus for me.


Oriflame Very Me Click It Eyeliner +SWatches


Removal is easy with a makeup remover, but the only problem I have here is that the tiny shimmers cling to my lashes. That I have found irritates me to no end. I generally follow it with a face wash, and it goes away then, but still. The liner is easily washable, and gets rubbed off.


Oriflame Grey Eyeliner + EOTD


Pros:Oriflame Very Me Clickit Eyeliner in Grey:-


  • Nice pigmented color
  • Good applicator
  • Staying power is nice
  • Inexpensive
  • Does not irritate my eyes

Cons:Oriflame Very Me Clickit Eyeliner in Grey

  • Available only with a representative
  • Glitters get stuck on my face lashes while removing

Verdict: 3/5

I might buy another color from this range.

Have you tried Oriflame Very Me Clickit Eyeliner in Grey ?


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