Oriflame Very Me Lip Stain Red Review & Swatches


Oriflame Very Me Lip Stain Red

One of the things I love wearing during summers are lip stains. In fact, my love for them grew so much that when a fellow Wiseshe diva reviewed one and thought it was too drying for her lips, I actually begged her to give it to me. Do you know what the beautiful and kind girl did? She not only sent me that lip stain via courier, but also a lovely lipstick which she thought would suit me, and would go with the stain. And yes, when I asked her where I could send her a box of chocolate, she declined, saying that she was going to be happy if I posted a photo to her wearing it.

Now do you understand why I absolutely love her and worship the ground she walks in and would kill for her?

I will not name her, because I do not know whether she will be comfortable with the publicity, but I would have to say that it was one of the top five nicest things any one has ever done for me. And it means a lot.

Okay, now, where was I? Oh yes, the review.

Oriflame Very Me Lip Stain Red Review+oriflame lip

So there I was looking through some Oriflame brochure when the Very Me range came into my line of vision. As I am a sucker for cute packaging, I decided to buy the lip stains, and this weird thing called a clicker, which actually is a link to click in two or more products together. Currently, the one I am reviewing is the odd one out, so it does not have a clicker. But don’t worry little stain, soon we will find you a match in a nice gloss, and you can thank me by staying on my lips for longer, glossier times.

Quantity: 3.5 ml.

Price: 169/- (I got it for 119/- though).

My experience with Oriflame Very Me Lip Stain Red:-

The packaging is okay, a plastic vial containing the stain and a sponge tip applicator. On opening, you can easily apply the stain on your lips and wait for it to dry up before applying a second coat. The sponge tip actually is better for the stain which generally dries up easily when encased in a pen shaped package. The applicator is quite nice, and it lets the color glide on without a problem. What will be your problem would be to allow the stain to set. Lip stains take a few minutes to set in, and you would be standing in front of the mirror, waiting for the lip stain to settle down on your lips before you can check the effect.

Oriflame Very Me Lip Stain Red Review Package+review lip tint

The other problem is… it is tasty. By tasty, I mean, its sweet and you would be controlling the urge to lick your lips all the time after putting this on. That said, I must say that the shade in itself is very flattering on my lips. Its not exactly red, but rather a shade of muted orange on my skin. However, if you are a girl with pigmented lips, then let me impart the bad news now: it will not hide it. Also, it will make your lips drier, so no, dry lipped beauties, you will need balm on top of this.

Oriflame Very Me Lip Stain Red  Swatches:-

Oriflame Very Me Lip Stain Red Review hand Swatch+lip tint review

The stain gets removed by water, so take care not to lick lips and retouch after drinking and/or eating. However, if your supreme self-control can refrain from doing these things, the stain actually will last you 5-6 hours easily. Which is the beauty of this.

Oriflame Very Me Lip Stain Red Review Lip Swatch+lip stains reviews

Another great application of this stain is as a liner. I generally line my lips with this stain to keep my lipstick in line. And it does work in extending the staying power of the lipstick, and after the lipstick gets eaten, leaves a healthy flush. So yes, good news all around. Also, it does not transfer. That is a good thing too.

Oriflame Very Me Lip Stain Red Review LOTD+lip tint reviews

What I like about Oriflame Very Me Lip Stain Red:-

  • Good color
  • Long lasting
  • Travel-friendly
  • Does not transfer
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive

What I don’t like about Oriflame Very Me Lip Stain Red:-

  • Dries lips
  • Does not hide pigmentation

Rating: 4/5

Verdict: I have already bought the other color of this range. So yep, I guess I am hooked.

Have you tried Oriflame Very Me Lip Stain Red?

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  1. omg I have both the shades from this range I just love them to the core :inlove: the shades are awesome :-)) and it is so easy on the pocket too :yes:

  2. same pinch i have this too..
    i loved the tint so much that i wore it alone to test its staying power and my sis said,wats wrong with u,did u eat paan? 😛 :laugh:

  3. Awwww…so sweet f u panu….dont kill fr me..instead send me bits f d food u sample n write about n ill die a happy n satiated woman! :×

    This suits u so well…gives u raseele hont!

  4. Awwww Zee is a true darling na? :cute: Love the shade on u Poori :lipstick: This is perhaps one of the few things i dint get from the Very Me range…don’t think my dry lips can handle it 🙁

  5. I knw its too late to reply as I read dis now..
    Yup!! Its still available…
    N I have raspberry shade…n I love dis..
    Will surely try dis one….

  6. I’ve got this one and the best thing I loved about it is that no hourly touch ups needed . . Just follow the application steps and you will have lovely color on your lips the whole day. This may be the best option for those who want to sport dark lips in the day. The stain brightens up your face so you may keep the makeup for rest of the face minimal .


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