Oriflame Very Me Lipmania Pink Kiss LipBalm Review


In my last post you all came to know how I am mad about lip balms when I listed down my best 8 lip balm reviews and swatches.This time I back with another beautiful pink lip balm shade which is from Oriflame:).You can also learn how to make chocolate lipbalm and honey lip balm.

Oriflame Very Me Lipmania in Pink Kiss Review and Swatches+Oriflame lip balm

About Oriflame Very Me Lipmania in Pink Kiss :-

Get sheer, high-gloss coverage in intense shades you love. Specially designed packaging for every facet of you!

  • Quantity: 4 gms
  • Price: 169 INR
  • Shelf-life: Only month and year of import is mentioned

Oriflame Pink kiss lipstick+Moisturising lipstick reviews+lip balm reviews pink

Other Shades available:-

I have tried to describe the shades based on swatches I’ve seen. I don’t think I’m very good at it so please excuse me if my description is not accurate and do correct me if I’ve gone wrong so that it’ll help others to pick the right shade.

  • Oriflame Flirty Pink – Pale pink with shimmer

  • Oriflame Pink Blush – Rosy pink with shimmer

  • Oriflame Rock Star Pink – Bright fuschia pink

  • Oriflame Pink smoothie – Light mauvish pink with shimmer

  • Oriflame Sweet Plum – Plummy onion-pink with shimmer

  • Oriflame  Vibrant Peach – Bright peachy coral

  • Oriflame Mocha Dream – Chocolate brown with shimmer

  • Oriflame Hot Berry – Muted maroon

  • Oriflame Red Vibe – Brownish orange with bold shimmer (This is a bit disappointing. A true bright red in this series would have been nice)

Oriflame Very Me Lipmania in Pink Kiss+Oriflame lip product reviews

  • Packaging:As you might have guessed, the packaging is the main reason I bought this lippie 😀 It comes in a totally see-through plastic case with an image of a cute shoe in front. The design n color of the shoe varies with each shade and in no way corresponds to the lipstick inside. So it’s super easy to identify this if you hoard lippies or own more than one from this range…it really stands out. Though it looks very attractive I don’t think this could survive a fall. Also, this neither comes in a box nor is it sealed. Mine arrived twisted up a little and a small portion of the tip was damaged. Oriflame should seriously consider adding a seal on their products so that such issues can be averted.
  • Shade Description:I’d researched online for days on end so that I end up with the right shade. Even after all that I was a bit startled when I received this. It’s a reeeally bright candy pink…almost neon-ish! But on application it goes on very sheer and is a very wearable shade (Phew!). A single swipe looks like what a tinted strawberry lip balm would look like.
  • Performance:The lipstick is very smooth in texture and the color glides on easily. The formula is very moisturizing and you won’t find the need to apply a lip balm underneath. The color can be built up in a couple more swipes but I noticed a weird ring formation around my lips when I do that. Even multiple swipes won’t hide pigmentation. But this isn’t necessarily a con since the product description emphasizes that it gives sheer coverage; so no false claims there. It is glossy…yes, but I wouldn’t really call it high gloss. After a while, the gloss disappears to leave a nice pink stain. This stain stays put for 2 to 3 hours max (without eating or drinking). The main problem I have with this is the flavor. In fact, it’s the first thing I noticed when I applied it. The lipstick as such doesn’t smell too bad but when applied u get this strange, plastic-like yucky taste :sick:

Swatches Of Oriflame Very Me Lipmania in Pink Kiss

Right: In artificial light, Top: Multiple swipes, Bottom: Single swipe

Oriflame lipbamia pink lipbalm swatches+Lipmanila Oriflame pink lipbalm swatches


What I like about Very Me Lipmania Pink Kiss:-

  • Attractive packaging
  • Reasonably priced
  • Identifying shades is easy coz of the transparent packaging
  • Glossy and sheer coverage
  • No need of a lip balm underneath
  • All shades will suit most complexions
  • Can be bought on discount


What I don’t like about Very Me Lipmania Pink Kiss:-

  • No outer carton or seal
  • Ingredients list is not mentioned
  • Odd flavor
  • Packaging does not seem very sturdy
  • No mention of manufacturing or expiry date
  • Picking shades from brochure can be tricky

Final Verdict:Oriflame Lip Mania Pink Kiss:-

This is a pretty nice range with very wearable shades. It won’t hurt your pocket to give these a try. If you can ignore the weird flavor, these could replace your tinted lip balms.


  • Packaging: 4/5
  • Price: 5/5
  • Performance: 4/5
  • Fragrance: 2/5

Have You tried Oriflame Very Me Lipmania in Pink Kiss ?

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  1. Oh M MAD About lipbalms tooo..nafi! Sadly i never tried oriflame n avon which I SO wana!
    This is going in my kitty for sure.. Love the shades.. so tempting! :beauty: :lipstick: :tap-dance: :hug-makeup:

  2. Oh M MAD About lipbalms tooo..nafi! Sadly i never tried oriflame n avon which I SO wana!
    This is going in my kitty for sure.. Love the shades.. so tempting! thanx for the review babe! :beauty: :lipstick: :tap-dance: :hug-makeup: :-*

  3. the pics are really awesome!!!!!! :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :yippee: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

    and yes choosing shades from oriflame brochures are a tough jobs…all are very misleading!! :-(( :-(( :-((

  4. Good Monday 🙂
    Sounds good, on my list after I complete this pile of Lip balms I have.
    I am hooked onto the cherry culture wala lip balm these day. Its just too good… too too good believe me.

  5. Hi!I had all the shades.My fav is Pink Kiss.I don’t like Red Vibe ‘cuz it’s not red at all.It’s…..very pale than I expected.I also didn’t liked Mocha Dream.Too brown.They do exactly what I wanted.Too bad that the color fades away pretty fast.

  6. Nice Review..I am using Oriflame’s Beauty Lip Balm from the longest times and it is one of the bests that I have used so far.. Makes my slips smooth and very pink. I’ll try this one too, seems fair product for this much price 🙂


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