Oshea Herbals Glopure Anti Tan Scrub Review


Oshea Herbals Glopure Anti Tan Scrub Review


Hello Beauties,

Today I will be reviewing an anti-tan scrub which I emptied just a few days back. Well, you must have understood that if the product got emptied that means it surely suited my skin well. ๐Ÿ™‚ Let me just tell something about the brand.


oshea herbals scrub


About Oshea Herbals Glopure Anti Tan Scrub

This product is specially formulated to provide complete protection against sun‘s harmful rays that are primary cause of skin tanning.It contains precious herbal extracts of carrot, licorice, grape fruit and aloe vera that help preserve the youthfulness of your complexion by making it lighter, smoother &ร‚ย  healthier. The exfoliating properties of strawberry & pomegranate granules clean deep pores and remove dead cells leaving the skin clear & radiant.


oshea tan removal scrub


Price– INR 95 for 60g

Shelf Life– 3 years from date of mfg.



oshea scrub ingredients


Directions To Use- Moisten face with water. Dispense product onto fingertips & apply all over the face and neck.Gently massage for 2-3 minutes.Wash thoroughly with fresh water.

Packaging- This anti-tan scrub comes in an off-white slender tube packaging with a maroon cap which has a flip open cap to squeeze out the desired amount of product from the nozzle. The product specifications is written all over the tube.

Product Color & Texture- This scrub is off white in color and has an abrasive texture with a slight creamy base. The scrub has the right consistency and doesn’t feel too greasy on the skin. The scrub granules are perfectly sized to give and appropriate feel to the skin surface of exfoliation.


oshea scrub packaging


My Experience with Oshea Herbals Glopure Anti Tan Scrub

Well, I just finished the whole tube and this itself speaks as to how well I liked this anti-tan scrub. Summers are all about harsh sun rays & skin tanning which really look bad as the skin looks very uneven and you can’t actually do much about it as you do need to step out for one or the other reason. So I picked it up last month to get rid of uneven skin tone.

Coming to my tryst with this anti-tan scrub, I am more than happy with its usage. Actually, while browsing Wiseshe I came to know about this brand and I instantly ordered the tan scrub that was available on the online portal. You can checkout the other scrub variant review here.


oshea anti tan scrub


After using it for 2-3 times I knew that this was an excellent scrub for tanned skin and that what Wiseshe reviews recommend are surely tested & true to the core.

It gives just the perfect exfoliation on the skin surface and is not too harsh. I really find my skin smooth and exfoliated after using this scrub. It never broke me out which is like the most favorite thing for me as I usually get few breakouts just before my chums are about to start and I hate those little devils to the core..! ๐Ÿ™

The fragrance is sweet & smells of some kind of fruit extract and doesn’t lingers on for much time so I think it will not bother sensitive noses! (Y)


oshea herbal scrub


Overall, it has been a good purchase for me ! ๐Ÿ™‚

What I like about Oshea Herbals Glopure Anti Tan Scrub

  • Effectively reduces skin tanning in a week
  • Gentle & non-abrasive on the skin
  • Creamy texture which is not greasy
  • Economically priced
  • Good packaging
  • Travel friendly & non-messy

What I don’t like about Oshea Herbals Glopure Anti Tan Scrub

  • Sometimes, I feel tube packaging leads to product wastage as we cannot squeeze the last dollop of scrub from the tube! (greedy me :-p)
  • Presence of some chemicals

Rating-4/5 ( for some chemicals)

Will I recommend?-

Natural scrub like a DIY- brown sugar & gram flourร‚ย  is definitely great but when you don’t feel like doing a DIY, this scrub does the needful! I will say yes! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have you tried Oshea Herbals Glopure Anti Tan Scrub ?

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  1. Wow sweety..sounds like a good scrub..beautiful clicks. I love your reviews for your honest opinion and detail orientation in which we get to know all the details about any product :-*

  2. How can i buy this product because it’s best for me and my skin.kya O’Shea ki koi cream bhi ati h?please btaye….. oily skin h Meri or sawli bhi


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