Raw Papaya Paratha recipe with video tutorial

Other day I bought raw papaya and I don’t know much about this veggie much.Infact I don’t like eating papaya .I just have it some time for my health and apply it on my face too.It is great in removing tan.Any way coming back to cooking raw papaya I read two recipe in the newspaper in which one was papaya salad and the other one was  papaya parantha.Gosh !!! I thought both will be horrible to eat .Still my experimental habit provoked me to try the parantha.
Well to my disbelief it turned out great .I made it at night for my hubby(I don’t eat parathas at night) and in the morning for my self.My hubby asked me to pack it up fo his lunch too.I quiet enjoyed making it and posting it for you guys here with the video.
One more thing, Paratha is sweet and spicy and I had it with egg bhuji and I completely relished it.

Preparation time-Usual aalo parantha making time

Half medium size papaya grated
3 tsp. spoon sugar
1/4 tsp salt or according to taste
1tsp red chilli powder
wheat flour to make the dough
1tbsp of corriander leaves
oil for making the paratha and papaya mixture

Step1-Take a pan and add 1tbsp. of oil in it.
Step2-Add grated papaya in it and cook till papaya soften up which will take about 10 minutes.Add salt , sugar and red chilli powder in the mixture too.
Step3-Add chopped coriander leaves in the mixture.
Step4-Let the mixture cools down.
Step5– Take enough wheat flour to make the dough for the paratha.
Step6 -Mix the grated papaya mixture in the wheat four dough.Do not add water in dough as papaya moisture will help in making the dough.
Step7-Roll the parathas and cook as usual with oil or ghee.
I bet no one will be able to guess what this paratha filling is.Serve hot with any spicy curry of your choice:)
Here goes the video

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  1. I thought of not even opening the post when heard of ear papapaya…but the way u have explained it it looks fab to me…will try it out and let u know darling..:)

  2. Oyee dont u dare not open my every post…(lolz..)are yaar even i was not interested in trying it out but it turned out great!!!loveanamika


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