Causes and cure of yellow and chipped nails

Our finger nails depicts our health and also how much care we take of them .Few of the causes of yellow nails are
*Applying no base coat on your nails before applying nail polish and changing nail polish frequently.
*Yellow finger nails can be due to some medical disorder as well which includes liver disease, lung disease, kidney disease etc.
*Even nutritional deficiencies too cause yellow nails.
*Buff nails lightly.This removes small amount of yellow discoloration.
*Soak your nails in lemon juice for few minutes .Wash after soaking and apply a good moisturizer on them.
*You can make a paste of baking powder and lemon juice and apply on every nail.Buff it lightly and wash it off with water.Dry them with a towel and apply moisturizer on them.
*Take a break of nail polish for couple of days .Our nails needs to breath.
*Do not use polish remover too often as it tends to dry your nails.
Chipped nails is also one of the common problem .Few of the general causes of chipped nails are:-
*Lack of calcium and advancing age
*Applying too much of nail polish remover
*Using to much detergent on your nails .
*Washing hands  frequently .
*Lack of nutrition
*Moisturize your hands frequently or when ever you wash your hand.
*Apply ghee on your nail every day before you go to bed .
*Eat nuts in your diet and food and vegetables such as egg yolk’s, mushrooms , banana etc.



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