Overhead Plait Hairstyle – An Easy Quick Fix


ello Everyone!

As usual I am in rush today. Have to go out for some important work and have very little time to do all the things which I want to do. Somehow life is too short to complete everything but still we get time to watch movies and go for lunches/Dinner :D. No matter how busy K is, if I tell him to watch a movie he has never refused me till date but if there is some thing to be fixed there is no time 😀

I did a very very quick five minutes hair tutorial.Something which is easy, babies won’t spoil it and doesn’t need too many products.When you are not neat you say its messy 😛 .This is exactly what I named it  .A messy simple hair band hair tutorial :D.You of course can be neater than me for sure .

This hair do is perfect for bad hair days like the one which I have today.I promise this style will definitely make you feel chick.

Messy Braids Hair tutorial fotd

So here we go.

Brush your hair and divide them into two sections.

simple braid hair tutorial step by step

Plait both the section and tie the ends with a rubber band as shown in the picture

pony tails for hail tutorial

Now take one plait and put it upwards and over the side  of your head.Remove the hair tie if you want to albeit I didn’t.

braid hair band tutoria

Now grab the other plate and place it in a way that it covers the end of the first plait.This one won’t go as far as the first one but  that is fine.


two way hair band tutorial simple hair band diy

Fix the braids with bobby pins .Try putting the pins  in a way that they are not visible

hair band tutorial step by step

We are done 🙂 Hairstyle doesn’t take more than five minutes .You can pin flowers into it if you wish to.

You might want to check out this five minute quick and fix easy side bun tutorial

five minutes side bun hair tutorial

I am wearing Overhead Plait Hairstyle?

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  1. My mom use to do this on me when i was a kid and had long hairs.
    But never thought of trying at this age.
    U made it look so chic and great. Suits u so much Ana.
    Will try for sure

  2. Anaaaaa….that lippie is like made for you! :lipstick: N ur eye makeup is lovelyyy n complements ur look so well. As for the hair…it looks sooo elegant on you :yes: I can’t try this since i chopped off all my hair. Will send u a before&after pic sometime 😉

  3. Ive never had hair long enuf t do dis A 🙁 stupud curly hair..whn i plait them they become even more chotu n kinda insufficient t d anything so creative…i wish my hair wud grow as long and as pretty as urs someday..

  4. oh maa…the hair style is just amazing..
    i love how u do them with so much of ease..
    i like trying new looks especially something with braids..
    will definitely try this!!!
    u are looking so cute n pinky pinky in this tute ana!!!!!!!! :chic: :chic:

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