Oxyglow Honey & Papaya Enzymes Scrub Review


Oxyglow Honey & Papaya Enzymes Scrub Pack


Hello beauties! It’s been long since I have written a review! I have been waiting to share my experience with this Oxyglow Honey & Papaya Enzymes Scrub Pack. I came across this brand via my beautician who relies quite a lot on Oxyglow. I personally like this brand quite a lot so I decided to try this Oxyglow Honey & Papaya Enzymes Scrub Pack.


Oxyglow Honey & Papaya Enzymes Scrub


The scrub is a deep poe cleanser that wipes away spent surface cells, revealing a smoother, clearer and refined complexion. This scrub pack is basically designed to act like a two-in-one thing; first use it as a scrub and then leave it on as a face pack for maximum benefits. I had first purchased it three or four years back. This was the first ever scrub pack I had used and I had high expectations from it. Read on to find out more about my experience!

About Oxyglow Honey & Papaya Enzymes Scrub:

OXYGLOW offers this Honey and Papaya Enzymes Scrub Pack that is all what you need to make your skin smoother, softer and more beautiful. Enriched with papaya seed powder, chamomile extract, neem extract and grape seed oil, this scrub will exfoliate your skin by removing dead cells.

Price: Rs.110 for 100g

Shelf Life: 36 months


Oxyglow scrub Honey & Papaya


Ingredients: Aqua, Light Kaolin, Sunflower Oil, Honey, Papaya Seed Powder, Chamomile Extract, Neem Extract, Grape Seed Oil

Availability: Easily available online and at retail shops.

Directions for Use: Moisten face & neck. Apply the scrub all over face & neck. Massage gently with fingertips for 2-3 minutes, using anti clock and clock wise strokes. Leave on for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

My experience with Oxyglow Honey & Papaya Enzymes Scrub:

As mentioned, I had first used this product 3-4 years back upon the recommendation of my beautician.

The scrub pack comes in a neat tube packaging which is both hygienic and travel friendly. The tube is white colored and looks good. It comes with a screw cap and has a medium sized opening which easily controls the amount of product coming out of it.


Oxyglow Honey Papaya Scrub


The texture of the scrub is perfect and spreads very well. A little goes a long way. Only a little amount is required for a use and it exfoliates well. The scrub is beige in color with brown granules that help in exfoliation. It has a mild fragrance which must not bother sensitive nosed girls.

This scrub never broke me out. It is neither drying nor very moisturizing.


Oxyglow Honey Papaya Scrub swatch


It makes my skin look fresh instantly. I am pretty impressed by its performance and I use it twice a week.

What I like about Oxyglow Honey & Papaya Enzymes Scrub:

  • Decently priced.
  • Easily available.
  • Works wonderfully well; makes skin soft, supple & fresh.
  • Never broke me out.
  • The idea of a scrub pack is pretty nice! Works as a 2-in-1 thing!

What I don’t like about Oxyglow Honey & Papaya Enzymes Scrub:

  • Thinking hard, can’t find any.

Wise She Rating: 5/5

Final Note: It is an awesome product, decently priced. Definitely a must-have! I would recommend it to every girl reading this review!

Have you tried Oxyglow Honey & Papaya Enzymes Scrub?

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  1. Oh full markss..then it must be gr8..have spotted in on many online portals..! will check it out Princa..thanks for reviewing it…:-))

  2. papaya is always interesting.. love papaya for my skin. I have been using papaya directly for my skin these days. 🙂

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