PAC Master Stroke Brush Kit Review


PAC Master Stroke Brush Kit Review

Hi Makeup Lovers!! We all know that good make up brushes are important for any makeup to look seamless. No matter how many Beauty blenders or sponge I use, brushes are still irreplaceable for me. And lately, Artis Brush brand has taken Makeup brushes to a different level. They have created Makeup brushes which look like Victorian-era hair brush. And I came across similar type of brushes when I visited the PAC Store in Andheri. I bought it immediately as it was 50% off (Currently it is at 60% off on their website)


Price-Rs.6350 (I got it for Rs.3175, currently its available for Rs.2540)

About PAC Master Stroke Brush Kit

There are 10 brushes in this kit and let’s see what the website has to say about them

A unique kit which would help you achieve a flawless finish for every purpose. Each brush is made with fine synthetic fibers that give perfect finish in each stroke. These brushes can be used with powder, cream or liquid products. The ergonomic handle eases the application and make the foundation look flawless. A must-have set which won’t disappoint you at any step of makeup application. 10 different shapes and sizes to suit your different requirements to achieve that flawless makeup.

PAC Brushes set

My Experience with PAC Master Stroke Brush Kit

There are 10 brushes and each have a unique purpose and cater to all makeup requirements. Overall, the brush’s bristles are extremely dense, and soft for any application. Also, the handle is flexible which eases out the application of any foundation or setting powder in areas which are not easily accessible. Lets see how each brush performed.

pac brushes kit

This is the biggest brush in the kit, and its my favorite brush. It can be used for face as well as body. It has a flexi handle which eases the blending process. It’s extremely dense and soft and it’s perfect to apply any foundation & setting powder. Also it blends the foundation beautifully, giving it a seamless finish.

Lately, this brush has replaced my beauty blender (some days its annoying to go to washroom and wet the sponge). I would suggest one can just purchase this and be done with it, as this brush does it all. You can use for foundation, for powder, for blush and for highlighter also!

Things I love About This Brush Set

  • This is very similar to the Brush 01, just slightly smaller in size. It is similar to brush 01, but more travel friendly.
  • This brush is ideal to apply bronzer and blushes. Also, it works well with setting powder.
  • This is again a flexi brush and is perfect for applying base products on the eyelids. Also, it works perfect for blush and bronzer application. One can make it work for contouring as well.
  • This is my favorite brush for contouring. This helps in contouring the cheeks, and considering its size it can also be used for blending the under eye concealer.

review pac brushes

  • This product is used for sharp fine contouring. As the sizes start to reduce the flexibility of the handle also reduces which make sense as for smaller areas one needs a firmer brush than a flexible one.
  • This product is used for very sharp nose contouring, you can get precise nose contouring with this brush.
  • This brush is meant for eyebrows. I am not a fan of this brush as I feel its uncomfortable or may be because I am not used to using such type of brush.
  • This brush is for applying eye shadow. It’s really convenient than the conventional brushes, but it takes time to figure out how to use it.
  • This is a dome shaped brush. It’s a blending brush for the eye shadow, and it can also be used for highlighting the inner corner of the eyes.

I really love the face brushes and the contour brushes but I am finding it difficult to use the eye make-up brushes currently. But, I am sure with due practice I will eventually figure out a way to make it work.

Would I recommend this set?: Yes!! It’s totally worth at the discounted price.



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