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Palika Bazaar, New Delhi | Cheap Products |

Hello, guys!

Welcome to yet another post on a renowned Delhi market. Yes, today’s post is all about Palika Bazaar that is an underground market at Connaught Place in New Delhi, India. All the Delhi people will know about this place to bits, but for those who don’t know about this marketplace, come and have a virtual journey to this amazing marketplace which is located in the heart of New Delhi. Welcome to Palika Bazaar and its underground shopping!

Palika Bazaar Shopping and Fun:

The first and foremost thing, never come to Palika before afternoon or else you will be greeted by ‘saaf safai’ and some strong perfume scent which will be strong enough to destroy your smelling sensations. 😛

Palika is a huge market, somewhat like a mall (an underground mall) where you will find jewellery to accessories and fakes of every big brand on the globe. If you love buying international design fakes, then Palika is the one for you!

We even went ahead and conversed with some of the shopkeepers at the bazaar. You can see the whole detailed conversation in the video but here I will tell you some excerpts of it.

One of the shopkeepers Vineetji told us about his shop and why he chose Palika. Palika is one of the most famous markets in Delhi which mainly attracts tourists and has a good footfall. The business is always on the steeper side and the work environment is also really nice.

Palika Bazaar opens about 12 noon till 8.30 to 9 pm.

We found some good sunglasses and pieces of jewellery. When you are coming to Palika, make sure to do one thing properly – “Bargaining”. A thing that is actually priced at 100 INR is told 500 INR by the shopkeeper and you will have to bargain.:-P  And if you are like me, who hates bargaining then this is not a place for you!

We found some really good fake watches at Vineetji’s store only. 😀

And we found guns too there!  :shock: :zombiekiller: No no! Not a real gun. Just a fire lighter. \

Then we saw some irritating tattoo artists who were so willing to do a tattoo on me. And then came more jewellery, bags and more jewellery. We went to this jewellery shop and interviewed the shopkeeper, again!

This shopkeeper bhaiya showed us various sorts of earrings and we loved them. But always remember Bargaining is a must!

And that’s all folks! Hope you have enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to see the video to see all the fun!

Till then Bubyee Loves!

You can watch the whole video here



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