Palladio Herbal Eye Shadow Primer Review


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Hello Ladies!!!

Today I’ll be reviewing the Palladio Herbal Eye Shadow Primer which is considered as good as UDPP.

Palladio Herbal Eye Shadow Primer Review+eyteshado base

This brand is available at the sally beauty supply and walmart abroad.

What company claims:

Meet the new industry standard in eyeshadow primers—one that retails for LESS THAN HALF the cost of department store brands! Enhanced with 5 different herbal extracts as well as Vitamins A, C and E, this sheer, silicone-based formula glides on like silk and then vanishes instantly. It’s the ultimate makeup kit accessory, that eliminates creasing and ensures maximum shadow vibrancy all-day long.

Palladio Herbal Eye Shadow Primer+best eyeshadow primer

  • Price is  $7.99 for .17 fl.oz

My experience with the eye primer

I’m amazed with this product. This product works just as good for me as the UDPP.

It has the same problem as the UDPP which is the packaging. It comes in this tube like container with a doe foot applicator. I really wish this was in a squeeze tube where I know when I am getting all the product out, or how much I have used, how much is left etc…

Eye makeup primer+Palladio Herbal Eye Shadow Primer

  • Texture – The texture is like a cream but don’t worry wen rubbed in it doesn’t leave any greasiness. At the same time it doesn’t dry out the lids like some of the primers do.
  • Staying power – Staying power is great, it easily stays for 8-9 hrs. Doesn’t smudge or crease at all.

In the picture the swatches below are with the primer.

I’d definitely say it’s worth giving it a shot.

Palladio Herbal Eye Shadow Primer review and swatches

What I like about this primer:

  • Staying power is good
  • This is a great affordable alternative to higher priced primers and gives the same results.

What I don’t like:

  • Availability an issue in India
  • The packaging

 Rating -4/5

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  1. Wow! as gud as UDPP?? Ive heard so much bout palladio..especially their blushes and bronzers..i wish we had access to their stuff..

    The w/o and with primer r so gud..the diff is so visible..Good work Mish!

    • i am ready Misha..lets raid her stash…when ever u visit pune just let me know ..i will give u her address..even u can go to her company counter where all the couriers will by lying ..u can just ask for Zara couriers they will forward u every thing :rotfl:

      • baap re! this is an amazing consipracy..extended till my work place also?? i will tell my courier fellas and my reception guys not to give my stuff to anyone else…only COD things can be given 🙂 🙂


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