Palmolive Aroma Therapy Vitality Shower Gel Review


By Nisha,

Palmolive Aroma Therapy Vitality Shower Gel Review

After a long break from body wash I purchased this one by attracting its fragrance & color and decided to give a try and i truly enjoyed it. ( I took more time for bathing as I througly enjoyed my time in my bathroom :D:D  while taking my aroma shower 😀

Palmolive Aroma Therapy Body Wash

Price of Palmolive Aroma Therapy Vitality Rs.105/- for 250ml.

Product Claim:

* Palmolive Aroma vitality is enriched with essential oils of Bergamot, grapefruit and orange flower.
* It helps soften your skin while its uplifting scent will illuminate your senses with an aura of happiness and light.

Essential oil of Bergamot, Grape Fruit, Orange Flower.

palmolive body wash swatches

My Experience with product:

* Nice fragrance.
* It smells of  oranges and i feel my skin so smooth & fresh after bathing ( May be because of fragrance).
* It foams up quite nicely but  the lather is not the richest and creamiest .It lathers well but not brilliantly.
* After bathing I feel refreshed, clean and ready for the day .


* Not Moisturize well.
* Less lather, who wants more lather may not like it.

Will I repurchase it :

No, I will try any other body wash.

Other range in Palmolive Aroma therapy:

You can also get the gel in Anti Stress and sensual varieties and the range also does a Foam bath.

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  1. I have used ALL of Palmolive’s body washes(i think), Lavender, Ylang-Ylang Pure Essential and one more thng …i forgot th name….i really like these for their aroma and the fact that it doesnot leave a film… :yes:

  2. Nisha do try their Lavender wala wash…its sooo nice smelling and Ylang Ylang really calms your senses…i TOTALLY :inlove: with this range all over again…dunno why i stopped using them though… :-/

  3. I hv been using the thermal spa gel from more than 1 yr.. love it. Hv tried the orange one above too. It lathers quite well ! Infact, i had to put extra water to remove it off my body after i finished the bath. I dunno why u felt it doesnt lather well.. maybe you took less quantity ? Hv tried the blue massage one one also.. thats ok too, but my regular one is the aqua. Been thinking abt trying the lavender one .. Hv u tried it ?

  4. Hi,
    Oh ok. Its rite above my 2nd comment. My qn was how is the lavender body wash with ying yang oil and patchouli oil ? Any experience with it yourself or any thing else heard from others ?

  5. Ok, for the last time … has anyone tried this lavender palmolive body wash ? Wont comment again. Been 2 days but still no reply.

    • dear zen,
      I was waiting for the person who has reviewed the product to reply but she is out of station…and I haven’t used it myself.

      sorry for the inconvenience caused 🙁

  6. Ok, thanx for the reply, anamika. Do remind her abt this lavender body wash when she comes. Will check in later on this blog for the ans to this one 🙂

  7. Thanks. Also I picked up some great natural home masks like orange peel off etc from here. thanks ! I have also tried a recently launched new Palmolive body wash from their aromatherapy range.. it has tangerine and lemongrass.. very attractive lively green color. Its good too 🙂 Mentioning it here in case it mite help someone ? 🙂 Now only lavender one is left for trying !!!!

    • wow u seem to be body wash addict..
      you can share yur reviews wil help many women out there who are cluless about skin care and makeup:)

  8. Lol. I am actually a skin care addict 🙂 And lovee bubble baths ! So the body wash affinity 🙂 I have tried all the Palmolive body washes, except Lavender 😛 So, in case you need review for any, leme know.. wld send it to u 🙂

  9. Oh, there are soooo many products here ! Dont think wld get time to see and find which ones r not reviewd 😛 Yest I spent so much time here.. ur site is addictive ~ But got that homemade fruits pack tips from there so chalta hain 😉

    • haha it is simple zen..u can ask me wether the product has been reviewed or not..i remember it all:P

      and thanks for the kind words abut my site:)

  10. Ok. Actually I have never reviewed before 😛 And frankly all the palmolive body washes are good… so rite now also I m wondering wat i will write in them.. lol. I hv never disliked any i hv used ( which is almost all as u know ). They r all pleasant. If there is sumtng to dislike in any, then mebe it shld be brought to notice of others so they can avoid spending on it.. So, mebe I will try the last lavender one(actually was here for that only !) and see if there is anythng to dislike in it… which i doubt, considering the rest hv been so good 🙂

  11. Hi Anamika, thot of mentioning here that the body wash prices have increased from 105 to 115 and the orange body wash which has beeen reviewed above has been discontinued. Spoke to a palmolive staffer today, so thot of updating it here.

  12. Actually I am looking for this palmolive shower gel. I am not finding it any of shops like reliance, more and smart .

    Could you tell me where can I get this.


  13. I have bought Palmolive morning tonic body wash. It sucks man. After the wash, my skin start iching. I will be back to body shop and never use palmolive products


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