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Hi Everyone!
You all know how much I love my hair and I am sure you all too.For me best hair or skin care product is the one which doesn’t break the  bank and result are satisfactory.I don’t want to spend thousands only on shampoos,  especially when there are tonnes of things which are in my wishlist..I was recently sent the new Pantene pro V shampoo and frankly speaking I wasn’t having many expectations from it..For me best shampoo is the one which won’t make my hair feel dry, brittle or unhealthy. Also , a shampoo which has the power to transform my hair and my hair look good in any hairstyle…I know my demands are pretty high but new Pantene Pro V shampoo actually fulfils it.

New Pantene with PRO-V and goodness of oils

Pantene Pro-V scientists understand that for hair to be truly beautiful it needs to be healthy from the inside out. Pantene’s New and Improved formula deeply strengthens your hair from root to tip, transforming it to stronger, thicker hair- from the root to the tip in just 14 days.

The brand’s biggest breakthrough in 30 years: Pantene’s new formula with PRO-V and goodness of oils makes hair thicker, stronger in just 14 days.


Pantene Pro V Shampoo Silky


The Pro-V formula and goodness of oils in the new Pantene works from the very core of the hair fiber therefore strengthening the hair from root to tip.

Shampoo comes in a white plastic bottle just like the  most Pantene packaging and is available in 340ml, 180ml and 50ml packaging so one can buy as per the requirement.I generally buy the 50ml one when I am travelling else I always prefer the bigger one.
  • 340ml packaging is of Rs 200
  • 180 ml packaging cost Rs 110
new pantene pro shampoo
As i regularly colour my hair they are pretty dry and I need to consistently nourish them and apply lot of oil and conditioner on it..this shampoo keeps my hair pretty hydrated and gives those soft looking locks which I always want..I think this is a great shampoo for curly and wavy hair girls/women too..I haven’t used its conditioner although I do plan to buy it in my next purchase.Pantene is known for his fragrance and this one also makes me keep smelling my hair every now and then.

What makes me like New Pantene Pro V shampoo Silky smooth care

  1. Affordable
  2. Less frizz and doesn’t dry my hair
  3. Doesn’t strip away oil from my hair
  4. Easily available..Be it your local kiraana store  or online (Grofers, Nykaa and Amazon).Just be careful about purchasing the product and get it from good shops only as I see lot of people in local markets selling the fake ones too..I can’t even imagine buying a fake one with some cheap discounts.
  5. Lathers well
  6. Simple sleek packaging.
  7. Gives shiny, glossy and stronger hair.

What makes me not like the New Pantene Pro V shampoo silky smooth care:-

  1. There is nothing to not to like this product.
I tried it and i am Pantene women now ..How about you ..Let me know 🙂


  1. Though i dont think Shilpa shetty will ever be using Pantene shampoo but it is good to know that this shampoo is actually good.:)

          • Have you tried Herbal Essenses? A lot of my friends with dry hair have recommended the “Hello Hydration” one.

            In the pantene range, I have used the Blue (Anti dandruff) Pink (Smooth) and Green one(For straight hair, since I wanted to tame my wavy hair). I found all of them good.

            I also use Gingelly oil for massage before I wash my hair. Has helped to some extent to reduce dryness. After a bath I use Livon generously.

            • i usee to many things..some time i break egg in my shampoo and use it on my oil hair treatment..nowadays giving apple cider rinse to my hair 😀 i am obsessed with my hair 😀

      • Oh Anamika,

        If you are in Hyderabad, please try Dove (The dark blue and light blue ranges). I used to LOVE dove in Hyderabad.. but in Kolkata I think the water is different and Pantene suits me more than Dove.

        • I have used them..found them pretty ok..i found Fab India protein shampoo better and now shahnaz economical range shampoo also suits me:)

          u were living in Hyderabad before?

          • Yeah Anamika,

            I stayed in Kundanbagh for some time. And then I was doing my MBA from ISB in Gachibowli. Where do u stay?

            I want to try the Shahnaz forever range. Am not able to find it anywhere in Kolkata 🙁

            I tried Fab India Tea tree shampoo and it was the biggest mistake of my life. It make my scalp VERY flaky and because of the flakes I had a MAJOR acne attack too :(. I have stayed away from Fab India ever since.

            • ohh sad it didnt work for you..have never tried the tea tree toner the way u did yur MBA from ISB..I am impressed:)

              i am near Hitech city u working in kolkatta there?

    • she is smart..look at her..she is competing SRK ..

      But i don like the ads things..Kareena kapoor using fair ness cream ..such a lie to fool innocent people.

  2. yeah.. but thats their income source… be responsible for ur purchases… log to budhhuu banate hi hain…
    forget kareena.. look at SRK… my god, fron fair and lovely to navratan talc.. everywhere…. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    • hahah ya ..this is why id dint get the shampoo i don believe celebrity ads at all

      SRK can even ad for some lipstick ad to..i wont be surprised..MAN Lipsticks 😛 new invention 😛

    • I have burnt my fingers many times seeing TV commercials but not any more…i am glad blogging is picking up in India now.

  3. I’m using Pantene hair fall control from past 1 week and found it really good.
    my hairfall has been reduced to some extent. Even Dove hair fall rescue also had reduced the hairfall initially but after few weeks it did nothing. Should see how far will this shampoo help. But seriously can’t blame the shampoos when there is a serious problem with my lifestyle and food habits

      • i’ll update for sure.
        My brother recommended Dove hairfall rescueto me and he is still happy with it. But I’m sure this has to do more with my lifestyle.
        I’d love to read the review of new dove if someone has used it.

          • look for Dove Hair Fall Rescue . i think earlier it was something like hairfall control or serum. I don’t remember properly.
            We don’t have a history of twins on both sides of the family. I just had my share of good luck.
            may ur wish come true.

  4. I used Pantene shapoos years back and loved them. Then moved on to herbal shampoos like biotique. Esle I had no qualms with Pantene 🙂 Nice review Meenu 🙂

  5. My hair r very much dry n becoming curly also just like broomstick 😥
    so is this shampoo best for me to get silky smooth hair???????

    • Hi, Sonal… try the smaller pack.. if it works you can continue…. its a nice stuff and definitely worth a try . may it does some good to you too :-)) :-))

  6. I got a few samples from the store where I get my stuff, I must admist its awesome. but as with any shampoo, if I use it for more than a year, I start having hairfall

    • my views on this keeps changing..because i have read so many things about it.
      some says stick to one shampoo and some doesn’t..but now i keep trying different shampoos..and stop using the one which gives me hair fall.

  7. OMG! i realized that i am being too nice lately… it is not good for my image here… 😯 😯
    i should do some damage repair now :devil: :devil:

  8. Since we are in Kolkata temporarily, I am working from home as an independent consultant (Hence the long hours on the net, pretending to work ) 😀

    Nice meeting you all at WiseShe. I really like this site.

  9. even Amritha who is a beauty addict is an independent consultant too and is in Hyderaad..Actually i know too many consultants..:)

    glad to meet another one..and thank you for the kind words about the site:)

  10. hi anamika thanks for the review,i tried this shampoo ,i am happy as well as sad becoz this shampoo starts its working one day after the shampoo,it makes ur hair silky but my sclap bit oily after two days i feel .did i apply oil to my hair.but its gud for the ppl who have dry hair like me.

  11. I have very dry and damaged hair. Actually I got my hair rebonded two times. None of the shampoo suits me like dove,garnier, l’oreal total repair 5, tressemme etc. I am currently using Sunsilk Dream soft and smooth shampoo(the yellow one). It is the first shampoo that works ok ok for me. But my hair is still dry. Shall i use pantene? Is it harsh on hair? I am really scared about my hair now. Plus i do oil my hair with olive oil once a week. Please help anybody.


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