According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist women should get a pap test done every two years, then annually from age 30 to 64.

We all women spend so much of time thinking about money, kids, fashion and relatives but don’t give much importance to our inner well being. If ever we pay attention to it, it will only be at the time of conceiving baby or when we actually start facing some problem. Most of Indian women are unaware about the test so let us first know what exactly it is.

Pap test is an easy way to know what exactly is happening in the hidden cervix and vagina of the women. Though it Is especially invented for women with no gynecological symptoms or complaints after 35 years of age but due to increasing work pressure, stress level, delayed pregnancy doctors have started advising it after the age of 21 only.

How it is done?

Pap test is a quick and a painless test which is done in the outpatient clinic after being examined by the gynecologist. A qualified person rubs a sterile cotton swab or a wooden spatula over the cervix and vaginal lining. The cells collected are invisible and are spread on 2-3 glass slides. Slides are then sprayed over with alcohol. It is the left over to get dried. When dried it is dropped into an envelope and sent to the laboratory for examination.
Result of Pap test is given in grades.

1. Grade 1 means everything is fine.

2. Grade 2 indicates that something is mildly is wrong.

3. Grade 3 is an alarming sigh which means that lining cells are disturbed and regular treatment is needed for it.

4. Grade 4 is a loud alarm and indicates that there is a great possibility of malignant changes in the cells.

5. Grade 5 confirms that there is a presence of malignant changes in the gynecological system.

There are many women who won’t be having any problem but still be suffering from silent gynecological disease. This later leads to cervical cancer since cancer of the cervix can even takes about 10 years to come into worst of its state.

Women who are in there 20s can take this test every 2-3 years and women who are above 30 should take it annually. We can protect our self from immense suffering just by being more concern and aware. So take this test and free yourself from the fear of cervical cancer.


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