Paper Quirky Earrings – My Effort To Raise Money For Stray Animals.


Hi Ladies!

Check out these quirky earrings.  They are one of a kind, not mass produced and attention grabbers….

Any guessed for what they’re made of?  PAPER.  These are quilled earrings  handmade by me.  Quilling is a fab hobby made by twisting
thin strips of papers into everyday object minatures.

I started making these 2 years back to raise money for medicines for Mumbai’s stray animals.  People started noticing the earrings and they were quite a rage around where I live.  Hope you all enjoy the pics.



quilled earings+Paper Quilled Earrings


quilled earrings designs+paper earrings

Thanks ladies and God bless you all


You can read post how to make earrings holder  and can check out  silver earrings hoopes here.


  1. OMG!! I absolutely love them!! Can I buy a few? I love dogs too, stray are my mostest favouritest!! So please let me know more! Is this you Ana or someone else?

  2. Woww!! A.. first of all I mussay Ur beautiful not only on the outside but inside too,,, :beauty: :-))
    Thats sucha good deed that ur doing! O:-)

    Secondly paper earings how kool is that?? :chic: 😎 :yes:
    The second pic doesnt luk lyk its made up of paper at all! 😯

    • Ohhhhhhhh…hehehe! Thats wat I was thinking?? Ana.. is sooooooo creative kya?? 😛 😛

      Thats sooooo sweet…Christina! All the above words mistakenly given to ana is copy pasted to u! :silly: 😀 :hug-makeup:

  3. Christina! Those quilled earrings are fabulous!! 😀 Quilling has suddenly become a rage, and I plan to learn it soon 🙂 You are very talented lady!! Keep up the awesomeness :hug-makeup:

  4. Chris, these are biyooootiful! Love each n evry 1 of em :inlove: N totally appreciate what u do :yes: My sis works for Mumba’s strays too :-). The last time i saw her on Skype, she had 15 cats in her apartment!!

  5. Hey Chris, ur so talented. Even I work for Pune’s strays, u already know that ;). i love ur designs girlie mmaaaauuh. love u fr being so nice…

  6. Wow Christina..god bless you for taking such an initiative! fab earrings 🙂 my sister also is into quilling and makes sorts of stuff frames/envelopes/necklaces/earrings..recently she made a hug wall clock and decorated with quilled flowers n leaves..there were 550 leaves alone in that watch..i think wuilling requires a lot of patience and stable hand 🙂

    • wow! its good to know that this are is so popular..i have seen this generally in frames .doing it on envelope is a fab idea..

  7. Wow Christina…its such a good thing that you are doing so much for a noble cause..most of us are so busy with our own lives that we rarely stop to think about the poor stray animals..I have a stray cat as pet at home n love her a lot…n those earings r so pretty that I would buy them anytime…

    • thas true..i guess we all want to do something in these nobel causes but our busy life never let us do it..all we do is just pay some money and feel good about it .

      • Totally agree Ana !! Salute to Christina for having such a noble heart.. All the best to Christi and may u rock always!!!

  8. wowwwwwwww u super talented chris..dey all r so beauriful n u r doing it for such a noble cause..kudos to u n godbless :-* :-))

  9. Kudos Chris, thats such a noble cause, :worship: I can only imagine the amount of patience needed for these earing 🙂
    They just look fab :dance-left-right:

  10. Thank you thank you everyone for your kind kind words. …I hope i can get one to each of u…Erica u first cause u live closest n Ill get u a pair when we meet…also definately keerthi….thanks again ladies….Im just stressed today cause my passport is missing and it had to go for renewing and my husband is already mad bout it and is going to be home in 1 hour. Ive turned the house upside down but can’t find it. I don;t know why these things happen really. one minute life is going smooth and next minute your whole world is oolta soolta.

  11. Chris first of all you are a wonderful woman…you are passionate about something in life which i really admire in a person !! I’m proud to know someone like you 🙂

    Now coming to those earings…how cna i buy them?

  12. anamika zara found the pp. It was wrapped insdie the marriage certificate. I had taken both for scanning and kept the passport inside the certificate and thus couldn’t see it. 🙁 I started searching at 7 and its 9 15 now. sheesh whole evening went with so much tension….mail me ure postal addresses i will send u each a pair of earings….

  13. Chris i would want to buy them….i want to do my bit of contribution. Please let me know the price of all those in the second pic..

    • thank you mitra…..i had priced them at 100 a pair but if u live in mumbai…u can give me medicine also, money is not necessary. amoxicillinn 250 gms, himax / betadine ointment and powder and syringes. for birds. these are some things that I use alot…I can take the medicine with the seals broken….will do.

  14. You know how many times we throw good food out cause its Basi and stuff but if u make an effort to just dip hard rotis or bread in little bit of the oil of ure curries and keep it on a piece of paper near the public dusbins, then cats and dogs will come and eat it. also water an old plastic katori on ure window sill will quench the thirst of birds and katoris left in the buildings in some isolated area will be good for the animals living in the building. that day I spotted one of my strays was had dissapeared for a few day, near the garbage eating sanitary pads…..even ptty from the pampers or other dogs potty. How people can be so cruel to them when they suffer so badly in front of us…

    • Christina..we can do something more concrete to raise funds for this noble cause i will discuss with you this in detail on mail .

        • Even I give my tiffin mein ka 1 roti everyday to the dog outside my office …if he doesnt eat it , someone else does.. It feels soo good to do a good deed! O:-) :-))
          One of the reasons y m so blessed n lucky! Its true ..whateva u give u multiply n comes back to u! :-)) :yes:

          • let me know if there are dogs that need to be sterilized in ure area. the dog u feed does he need an anti rabies vaccine . Check his ear if there is a cut like a cresent moon then that is a symbol of sterilization…let me know erica

  15. ^
    Christina, it’s all about Karmas.. Sometimes it pays 2 give a sound treatment 2 others but most of d time, not! Let’s just pray god blesses even those! 🙂

    wn i get 2 do good 4 others.. i really consider it god’s grace! It instills a sense of satisfaction within us which no feeling can, at least 2 me!

  16. God bless you Christina.. :-* I love dogs, strays or pets n it really pains me too see them treated like that 🙁
    I wish I was in Mumbai n would have joined you to the same cause. :hug-makeup:


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