Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Hot Oil : Usage & Benefits


Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Hot Oil : Usage & Benefits

Hey lovelies,

Today I’ll be talking about the usages and benefits of Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Deep Conditioning Hot Oil. I have some really fond memories associated with parachute. It was the first oil brand I’ve ever used and throughout my childhood my mother and I been loyal customers. But then it was the pure coconut oil from Parachute. My Maa used to use the original parachute oil and massage it in my hair. I was really fond of the champi and it relieved me from all the tiredness and stress.

But how is this parachute hair oil is different from the original parachute hair oil? This has some added Ayurvedic ingredients and the warmth this oil supposedly provides is supposed to open the hair shaft and provide deep penetration. It claims to penetrate deep in the hair shaft in just 20 minutes..!!

So let us go through the usages and benefits of this oil in details.

Parachute Ayurvedic Hot Oil

What the company claims:

Dry rough hair can be difficult to manage. Give your hair new Parachute Advansed Hot Oil’s Deep Conditioning. It penetrates 3 layers deep in just 20 minutes. So apply Hot Oil just 20 minutes before shampoo and win your hair over Get 3X softer, smoother hair with Parachute Advansed Hot Oil’s Deep Conditioning.

Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic hot oil is a coconut oil enriched with Ayurvedic warming oils of Malakangani and Piper Nigrum.

Parachute Hot Oil


1. Pour oil onto your palm, rub your palms together to feel the warmth come through.
2. Gently massage onto hair and scalp. The warmth opens up the pores and the oil soaks in, providing deep nourishment.
3. Wash off to get beautiful, lustrous hair.

This oil calls itself hot oil. You need to rub it between your palms and the rubbing action then activates the oil and then you feel the warmth. But this heat is so mild that you don’t really feel anything on scalp at all. It has the same consistency as that of the regular coconut oil but the smell is completely different. Nothing coconutty about it. It has a chemical smell that is a little weird. Also it is almost clear oil, not very sticky and it gets absorbed quickly also. It spreads easily on hair and washes off with a mild shampoo too.
I prefer to leave it overnight and shampoo the next day.

Parachute Ayurvedic Oil


  • It didn’t cause any hair fall or any damage to my hair.
  • Doesn’t solidify in winters, unlike other oils, which makes it easy to use from the bottle.
  • Non sticky.
  • Easy to apply, easy to wash off.

While discussing the benefits, I would like to talk about the cons of Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Hot Oil as well.

  1. No warming effect felt on scalp. So, it doesn’t live up to its claims.
  2. The smell is weird. I am not very comfortable with it and also know quite a few people who don’t like the smell much. It smells neither like coconut oil nor like herbal oils.
  3. Very average performance.
  4. Incomplete ingredient list.

Parachute Hot Oil swatch

Final thoughts:

The smell is a huge turn off for me and I guess there are way better oils available in the Indian market with authentic ingredients. I would rather go for the original parachute coconut oil.

Have you tried Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Hot Oil?

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