Parachute Ayurvedic Hot Oil Review


Parachute Ayurvedic Hot Oil –

 I love hair oils. There is nothing like a good old head massage to instantly lift your spirits. Being a complete hair oil lover, I’ve tried many hair oils with various ingredients and tall claims. I have used some very good hair oils and some not so good ones. I do have some true favorites but I always wander off when I see some new hair oil in the market. The models with their long shiny hair always get to you and you have thoughts of having hair just like them. You know at the back of your mind that they are wearing wigs and they don’t even use the product they are advertising but the marketing tactics always have their ways to temp you.

So when Parachute came out with their deep conditioning ayurvedic hot oil, I was excited to try it out. It was the cute Nargis Fakhri ad wherein her hair is super gorgeous and super shiny.


Parachute Ayurvedic Hot Oil


I have some really special memories associated with parachute. Don’t we all? It was the first oil brand I’ve ever used and throughout my school years I’ve been its loyal customer. My mom used to use the original parachute oil and massage it in my hair & I did not mind going with oily hair to school.

How is this parachute different from the original parachute hair oil? This has some added ayurvedic ingredients and the warmth this oil supposedly provides is supposed to open the hair shaft and provide deep penetration. It claims to penetrate deep in the hair shaft in just 20 minutes..!! Only 20 minutes for deep penetration? I find it way too hard to believe. So let’s see if this oil fared well..


Parachute Ayurvedic Oil


Ingredients: each 100ml contains Piper nigrum oil 750mg, Carcum copiticum oil 30mg, Malakangani extract 500mg, Hibiscus extract 50mg, Coconut oil 20ml, Perfume 500mg, Base Q.S.

They do list a few ayurvedic herbs but there is just 20% coconut oil in 100ml of this oil. What is the remaining 80% made of? I suspect it to be mineral oil..


Packaging: It’s the same old parachute bottle with slightly different graphics. It’s a blue opaque bottle with a flip cap. The cap shuts quite tight and this minimizes the chances of leakage. The mouth of the bottle is tiny and dispenses just the right amount of oil. The bottle is travel friendly too.


Parachute Hot Oil


Usage: This oil calls itself hot oil. You need to rub it between your palms and the rubbing action then activates the oil and then you feel the warmth. But this heat is so mild that you don’t feel anything at all. It has the same consistency as that of the regular coconut oil but the smell is completely different. Nothing coconutty about it. It has a chemical smell that I can’t stand. It spreads easily on the hair and washes off with a mild shampoo too. So did I experience any major benefit from this oil- No. Even though I didn’t experience any hair fall, I didn’t experience any extraordinary benefits like smooth hair or no split ends etc.


Parachute Hot Oil swatch


What I like about Parachute Ayurvedic Hot Oil:

  • Washes off easily
  • Did not cause hair fall
  • Affordable

What I don’t like about Parachute Ayurvedic Hot Oil:

  • Smell
  • Average performance


  • Price: Rs 87 for 190ml.You can buy it online.
  • Availability: commonly available in all stores
  • Rating: 2.5/5

My recommendation: I will not repurchase this oil. The smell is a huge put off for me and there are way better oils in the market with authentic ingredients. I would rather go for the original parachute oil because I at least know its 100% coconut oil. Have you tried Parachute Ayurvedic Hot Oil?


  1. I bought the tbs rainforest coconut oil for the same reason niv doesnt ur point has got me thinking pranali..its not 100%coconut oil thn..btw tell me all abt ur fav. Hairoils..i love hairoils..:)

  2. Hi vandana.. I have reviewed most of the hair oils I have used on wiseshe already.. My fav has to be the sesa hair oil but currently I am using a hair oil from arya vaidya sala..

    I personally feel TBS hair oil is over priced.. If i had to use 100% coconut oil, I would use either use the original parachute or Organic cold pressed coconut oil.


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