Parachute Hair Oil Usage


Parachute Hair Oil Usage

Oil has an important part to play in our day to day lives. Well, I am not talking about any beauty or skin related concern but an overall well being of a person. Just as various essential oils are so beneficial for the health of hair and also prove great for radiant and healthy skin, there are other types of oil which can be used in various ways and the natural goodness of these oil types can be achieved!

Parachute Ayurvedic Oil

The significance of oil in our lives can be estimated easily since childhood days when our grandmothers used to emphasize a lot on using oil for taking care of the skin and hair in the natural and safe way rather using chemical moisturizers which are loaded with synthetic compounds which are sometimes not that good for the sensitive skin!

Parachute Oil

Talking about one particular brand of oil which I am sure everyone of you must have used it in your early life. Yes I am talking about the famous and commonly available Parachute Pure Coconut Hair Oil. It is the same blue bottle of hair oil which is well installed in our memory.

Parachute Hot Oil

Well, the most prominent memory of Parachute Pure Coconut hair oil dates back to my regular hair massage sessions and winter skincare which I didn’t like that much during those days but now I am so inclined to this oil, I can’t explain!

The parachute pure coconut hair oil is basically a pure oil which is prepared from coconuts. It goes through a rigorous extraction process and is filtered thoroughly. This oil is believed to be safe for use on skin. It doesn’t have any side effects irrespective of any skin type.

Parachute Hot Oil swatch

Here are some of the uses of Parachute Pure Coconut Hair Oil that I would like to list down. Have a look and probably you have never known about its numerous uses before!

As a Hair Oil-

One of the most common uses of this oil is for a healthy and nourished scalp. It ensures proper blood circulation and hair growth. The hair oil tends to improve the hair texture. And it also prevents so many hair problems like dandruff, split ends, frizzy hair etc.

As Hair Conditioner-

coconut oil for skin

A pack of coconut oil along with honey serves to be an ideal hair mask. It is essential for the intensive nourishment of the scalp so as to repair the hair from the roots. It also gives a relief from the hair fall concerns.

As a Face Pack-

coconut cream oil and turmeric mixed well+best face moisturizer

Beauties who have ultra dry skin and are constantly searching for moisturizing products. Well, they may find solace with Parachute pure coconut hair oil as an effective remedy to treat the dryness of the skin. It is very effective for dry skin and moisturizes it from inside. That is the reason many of us swear to the use of parachute coconut hair oil during the dry winter season. And no body butter tends to work on the dry skin problem as coconut oil!

As a Massage Oil-

Body Massage experience

Usually essential oils are more preferred for massage. Since few essential oils have a strong scent which becomes unbearable for many. So in that case using Parachute Pure Coconut Hair oil is the best as it is ultra gentle and does not have a strong fragrance. It gives ample nourishment to the skin and gives a glowing skin when used regularly.

For Hot Oil Treatment-

Parachute Pure Coconut hair oil can ideally be used for hot oil treatment for the body and skin effectively because this oil doesn’t get tampered due to heating and retains it nourishing properties even after heating it. It can ideally be used for Hot Oil Manicure treatment as well!

For Cooking-

Parachute Pure coconut hair oil can also be used for cooking as it is 100% pure and is filtrated well to make it apt to be used for cooking. Coconut oil is great for cooking as it is low in fats, free from cholesterol and it is extensively used in a variety of low calorie food items all over the country! Although, it claims to be 100% pure, keeping in mind the high rate of adulteration, many prefer using extra virgin pure coconut oil for cooking purposes!

So, these were some of the most crucial and common uses one can try with the Parachute Pure Coconut Hair oil! I hope you liked these interesting uses!

Have you tried Parachute Pure Coconut Oil for these purposes before?

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