Paradise for Book Lovers : Daryaganj Book Market+V-LOG


Paradise for Book Lovers : Daryaganj Book Market

Hi ladies!

daryaganj-book-market-outingdaryaganj-book-market daryaganj-book-market-outing

If you are not hiding yourself under the rock, you must be aware of the very famous book market of Daryaganj, old Delhi. Today,I am here again with a V-log post. Last to last weekend , after Chor baazar I and Ana went to very popular book market also known as ‘patri market’ situated near Chandni chowk.


The rows of stalls beside the road have everything for a book and stationary lovers. There are loads of variety of books ,stationary novels and so on…You can find here numerous collection of books related to arts, cooking, lifestyle fictions etc. And if you are not finding anything interesting for yourself,you can just buy some good old papers which always come handy 😛

Even after several decades, this market still exists in one of the oldest parts of the city, to be live through by generations to follow. Still wondering ,we are the part of one of the oldest heritage of India. From the large oxford dictionaries to classy relaxing books, this stunning place hosts almost all things-books, coming alive especially on Sundays! You ll get amazing books and other stationary stuff here at such mind blowing prices.

What we got from there? Ana has got a lot kids books and drawing sheets, color pencils,crayons and art books for Anvika. I have got one novel for myself and last but not the least bunch of pens as we always end up losing them by putting them here and there 😀

Daryaganj - Kitaab Bazaar

I would say, it’s a paradise for those who love reading books. And students who are preparing for competition exams or even for homemakers who love reading ‘Femina’, ‘Elle’ or Vogue 🙂 Jokes apart, it’s a must visiting place ,It gives me proud feeling of my culture.

Love Delhi 🙂


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