Paraffin wax pedicure

Most of us ignore our feet but they are the most used part of our body in our whole life time. It is important to take care of our feet as it is important to take care of our other parts of the body. Well groomed feet add to your personality. If you are in those who neither have the time or enthusiasm to go to the parlor and take luxury treatment for your feet then paraffin wax pedicure is best for you. This treatment suits those who have to go outside long and they prefer to have regular pedicure too.

Few things which you must do for your feet are:-
1. Keep your feet moisturized. Apply moisturizer after you have bath on your toes ,and nails. If possible apply moisturizer before going to sleep as well.

2. If you are a women who likes to remain in shoes most of the time then apply nail polish on your nails. This reduces the possibility of your nail to break down and they remain long and strong as well.

3. If you suffer from excess sweat during summer then put anti fungus powder before wearing any sandals or shoes.

4. Scrub your feet once or twice a week.

For paraffin wax pedicure
Paraffin wax is easily available in any of handicraft store and can be found in general store as well.This is the same wax by which candles are made. So if you have old candles in your home then you can use it for your pedicure as well.You will need at least 1and half hour for this pedicure.
Material required
2 blocks paraffin wax
1tsb or few drops drops of scented essential oil
A few drops of olive oil
Double Boiler
Plastic container in which you can immersed your feet.
Step 1: Wash your feet and dry them well.

Step2:Take a large pan and add water into it then put a smaller pan into the large pan .Add wax ,olive oil and scented essential oil into it.

Step3:when the wax melts it will form a thin layer on its surface.

Step4.Take out the small pan and let it get cool.This is going to take 15-30 minutes depending upon the quality of the wax. Check the temperature of the wax it should be close to the temperature of your feet.Be care full as it might be too hot.

Step5: Now pour the wax on your feet and let it cool. Pour it again so that it gets several layers.

Step6: Enjoy the warm comfort and relax which it gives to your feet.

Step7: Pull the wax after 20 minutes .It will form thin layer which can be removed easily.

Step8. Massage olive oil on your feet.
This method is also used to get relief from muscle and joint pain.


  1. Hey Anamika,You know I am gonna try this. My feet really needs a pedicure. They go so rough every after few days. This sounds really cool and I guess it will help because the wax will seal the moisture in.One again, thanks for sharing.Have a great day ahead.regardsShiva


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