Party desserts – Mango souffle with pictures

By Ishika,                                                  Mango souffle recipe
This one is for all the mango lovers. I am sure you guys are gonna relish it. Please don’t mind the calories and forget about them for once before trying out this amazing dessert. Trust me its really delicious and refreshing. This is an eggless mango souffle recipe so all my vegetarian friends can also enjoy it .I like making Mango pudding recipe and eggless mango souffle  is one of my favourite dinner party desserts.
So here goes the my Easy Mango souffle recipe
Ingredients required:-
White custard
Milk  – 1 cup
Little water
4tsp of Cornflour
1tbsp of sugar

Other Ingredients
3tsp(sprinkled over 15tsp of water)Gelatin           
1  ½  cup Cream 
2tsp Lemon juice   
Mango essence(optional)   few drops
1 cupMango pulp
1 cup Mango frooti 
5tsp Icing sugar

1. Combine all the ingredients of white custard and keept it on heat tillthe consistency is like that of custard. Cool it.
2.  Prepare gelatin and water mix by keeping the flame low. Don’t touch the pan on the flame. Keep over it and keep stirring till there are no granules formed.
3.  Blend all the other ingredients and the white custard which must have cooled by now. Now take a little of this blended mixture in the pan of prepared gelatin and mix properly.Now add all the contents to the blender and blend again.
4.  Now put the blended ingredients in a serving dish and put 2 cups of mango pieces on top and keep it in the freezer for setting.
Once set decourate with more mango pieced and cherries and serve cold.
NOTE: Gelatin should be handled carefully. If it is prepared properly then only the dessert will set properly. Things to keep in mind:
1.  Always cook on low flame.
2.  Never touch the pan on the flame. Keep over the flame and keep stirring.
3.  Never keep the cooked gelati n for long. Use it as soon as it is prepared else it will become like rubber.

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