Party Look With Golden Pigment & Red Lipstick


Party Look With Golden Pigment & Red Lipstick

A Big hello to all you beauties! A new month and another weekend, life is so fair sometimes! ๐Ÿ˜‰ So today I wanted to share this new look I tried few days ago and it is basically a party makeup look, so expect it too be a little elaborate!

Well, its been long since I tried some pigments in my eye makeup and I always thought of using them in my looks but then I picked up some or the other palette and using a pigment on my eyes was totally not happening until this day when I actually did use not one but two pigments in my eye makeup!

party eye makeup look

So, talking about this look of mine, it is more of a heavy makeup which is preferable to wear to a party when you would love to get decked up and be in sync with the outfit and jewellery.

Golden Pigment On Eyes

For this look I was clear about two things that the eye makeup should be a little bright and not everyday, it should have some highlighting and bright pigments which would go well for a party mood. Also the lip color I kept is a bright red shade because you generally wear bright shades which suit you to the core while going to party of a special occasion.

party makeup look red lips

For the eyes, I have used glitter based eye pigments from MAC. One is MAC Reflects Antique Gold pigment and the other one is Antique Green which I have used on my lower lash line for vividness.

The steps in which I applied the eye makeup is as under-

Eye Makeup

First of all, after applying an eye primer, I applied a black eyeliner on the lower lash line and smudged it with light hand. Then I applied the Antique Green pigment on the lower lash.

party makeup look for eyes

Also don’t forget to put your false lashes if you have sparse lashes. It will add a glam to the eye look instantly.

On the upper eyelid I applied black eye shadow in the corner and evenly covered the crease of my eyes with the Glitter Gold pigment.

Now apply a thick black outline on the upper eyelids thus completing the eye look. Afterwards apply lots of mascara to give a dense look to the eye lashes.

Coming tot he lips, I used the NYX Simply Red Lip Cream SR06 Leading Lady.

party makeup look glitter

Well, that sums up my party look pretty well. The eye pigments give that special look to the eye makeup when you going to a family event or a wedding. It really looks so festive. The lip color is the perfect to pair with such an eye makeup and this lip cream pencil from NYX does a fabulous job! ๐Ÿ™‚

weekend read and family

Hope you like this eye makeup and party look with the MAC eye pigments!

What do you think about this look?

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