Party Makeup Essential Products


Party makeup essential products

Getting ready for a party? Wow! Amazing festive season begins and we are on for more and more parties now. Still finalizing on what to wear?

Well no problem, I am sure this handy list will at least take care of your makeup essentials.

nyx blue cat eyeliner tuturial


Always use foundation as a base for your makeup. Use a good base foundation to have a long lasting makeup. We have had instances from our friends here where the makeup base was chipped off and it showed up during the events.



Cetaphil DermaControl Oil Control Moisturizer

Always use a moisturizer before you apply makeup to keep your skin nourished and glowing. Dryness can surely be a turndown. A night application of moisturizer is always advised as skin retains maximum moisture while we are asleep.


Milani Cosmetics Powder Blush 08 Tea Rose packaging

Blush is most essential for a party look as it is only going to enhance your look during the night. Use an illuminating one to avoid a dark show.


streetwear color rich lipsticks on olive skin tone

Do carry 2-3 lipsticks always irrespective of your attire. Keep the shade matching with your attire handy so that you may touch up as and when required. Though I prefer long lasting options but you just cannot risk not carrying it with you. This will save you a lot of time groping in your bag. Advised is to keep a mini pouch with all your makeup stuff which can just be picked out of your bag and used.


lotus colorstick curved eyeliner review

Another handy item of your pouch should be the eyeliner that you applied. I personally prefer Lakme which is nearly smudge-free but sometimes you just cannot help smudging. Often we smudge it with our fingers or some other issue makes it go for a toss. We should be ready for any such contingency :P.


I would advise you to use a waterproof mascara like L’oreal¬† Paris Extra Volume Mascara. It is not only waterproof but stays for long due to its thickness enriching formula. Your eyes look big and blonde using it. You should also carry it with you to prevent any last minute rupture to your mascara. A touch up is advised if you are going in an overnight party.

Eye Shadow

bridal makeup

Use a matching eye shadow as per your attire. Also add shimmer to it or use a liquid one which is shimmery to make it long and fresh lasting.


Colorbar Kohl Intense Eyeliner Blackened EOTD

Lakme’s smudge free Kohl or may be any other like Maybelline, are best to be used as per my experience. They stay longer than other products. Do keep it in your vanity as it might need replenishment later during the party.


usage of highlighter

Always use a highlighter for a fresh and glittery look. Highlighter helps keeping your makeup rejuvenated for long and prevents it from looking dull till longer time.

Whatever skin tone you have or whatever skin type you have, the above products are must haves for a party makeup. One must keep these things handy and of course carry them along to be able to beef up the makeup as and when required. Certainly, an over dose would definitely kill the look, so girls, don’t get after forcefully doing and redoing your makeup but correct it wherever it fades or goes bad. The thing to note definitely is to use right colors, shades and tones in your palette.

Have you stocked up your Party Makeup Essential kit with these?

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